Monday, 23 July 2018

The Criminal-Miscreants of Niagara

How can this happen? 
How can everyday folk descend into corruption and even criminal activity once they obtain political power? People we have held in high esteem, admired and even voted for are now emerging as less than an example of dependability and fidelity.

The Ontario Ombudsman’s report is out and available and spelling out its findings in a precise and unambiguous message that left no wiggle room for the miscreant-activists targeted by the report.

Then, just when we thought we had seen it all, the criminal-miscreants in charge of the Niagara Regional Government slithers ever deeper into their criminal-corruption by going behind everyone’s back to secretly hire yet another Toronto legal gunslinger in a failed attempt to speciously alter the Ombudsman’s report in favor of the Criminals-Miscreants in charge.

However, it still doesn’t end! Whispers abound that a criminal-miscreant is urging fellow miscreants to avoid their official meeting in a intolerable effort to prevent quorum thus avoiding accountability until after the election!

It appears that the Criminal-Miscreants of Niagara have no intentions of releasing their grip on the Citizens!

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