Tuesday, 11 December 2018

NPCA Frustration

caused by an unaccountable gang of corrupt miscreants still attempting to force their will on the Citizens of Niagara!

Now everybody is aware of the frustration that so many Citizens of Niagara have been going through (for years) with this government protected rogue agency.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

You Owe $20,000

and so does each and every member of your Family!

Courtesy of every failing government of Canada!

Letters to the editor by John Currey

I saw George Darte at Mass last night and he avoided me.  A few weeks ago I was talking to him and asked if he did only one thing, to NOT bring the Peterson/McGuinty/Wynne enabler,Bradley, on us.  He gave some answer like he thought Ford would install a Chairman of his liking.

Now the LIBERAL CABAL has been enabled by the votes of our supposedly Conservative Rigby, Darte and our swarms little mayor.

What is next?  Oh yes, the installation of Edgar to replace Bradley.  That makes Edgar a two time loser at the ballot box that will now be working on his second unelected term toward a pension.  But that is better than Trough Bradley now on his fourth.

God help us!

By the way, the Standard and their cub reporter LaFish failed to let us know how the three candidates responded to the question of the City of NIAGARA.  Do you know their stand?

Any of them show a willingness to put 31 regional councillors and a truck load of city politicians out of business?

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St. Catharines, ON L2S 3S4
905-938-5000 - Cell 905-931-9519

Friday, 7 December 2018

Epiphany at the Region!

Considering Former MPP Bradley's conduct as cabinet minister under the corrupt McGuinty/Wynne government as evidenced by the the total rejection of that opaque government, it is somewhat comforting to have our newly elected Regional Chair Bradley express his intent to bring Transparency and Openness to Niagara Regional Governance.
All three contestants for Regional Chair sang from the same song-sheet regarding their promise for Transparency and Openness.
Throughout the Inaugural Meeting of our new Regional Counsel we witnessed a gregarious level of self-congratulations, braggadocio and self-praise regarding their faith in their new Regional Council's commitment to better governance. 
Throughout all the decades of inaugural pomp and ceremony, hope and promise and faith in future, we must never let our guard down considering and remembering the disappointments of past administrations.
Now that we have Transparency and Openness and for A Better Niagara we must support our Regional Chair and our Regional Council.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Fight for your Rights

Why do some courts violate the rights of Ontario Citizens? 

In recent years, however, citizens have indicated that their rights to record their own court hearing are being obstructed by many judges and lawyers. 

Misleading signs are being posted at many courthouses which attempt to fool the people into believing that they have no rights. 

Some citizens tell of being threatened with arrest for attempting to exercise their lawful rights. A number of judges and lawyers are afraid to allow citizens having a separate record of what may have been said in court as this makes it more difficult to alter transcripts and hide the truth. 

Those who tell the truth and conduct themselves in an honourable manner should have no fear of audio recordings made in the court. Only those judges and lawyers who are afraid and want to hide the truth will object to audio recording in the court. 

If anything, audio recording helps promote the administration of justice in a number of ways. It allows citizens maintain their own accurate record of events in court and allows them to review the day’s events without having to wait weeks and sometimes months for transcripts. 

Audio recording will also serve as a deterrent to those who may think of lying to the court, including lawyers who often introduce evidence which is not on the official court records. 

Most citizens who go to court agree that they would feel safer and be more trustful of the justice system if they were allowed to independently record their own court hearing. 

What do I do if my rights are being violated? If you are refused your rights under law to enter a court building, should a judge refuse to acknowledge your rights under the Courts of Justice Act (136.1) in his/her court or should any lawyer argue against your rights in the courtroom, then it is important for you to take appropriate steps to protect your rights and freedoms by filing complaints against those responsible for violating your rights as well as the principles of fundamental justice. If you don’t exercise your rights you will lose them! 

If you are refused access to your court by court security officers then ask for their badge numbers and make a note of the date and time of the incident. 

If a judge refuses to recognize your rights then request that the judge issue an order to this effect. 

It is a good idea to have another person with you to witness any violation of your rights. More detailed information about how to exercise your rights to record your hearing can be obtained on the website http://www.canadacourtwatch.com

Monday, 26 November 2018

Lunacy Continues!

 Welcome again to the 'Land of Lunacy'!
The Niagara Landowners of Niagara has been struggling against NPCA corruption for years and for years it stood alone battling a corrupt government agency.
Even with the added new found voices of other citizen groups we have not yet defeated the corrupt lunatics that have taken control of our government agencies.
Worse these corrupt lunatics are aided and abetted by two types of elected officials; the corrupt lunatices abusing Citizens and the useless lunatics allowing abuse to happen. 
In Niagara, 24 new Councilors were elected; six considered abusers with the rest considered useless enablers.
Throughout all the efforts of all the volunteer Citizen Groups there has only been 3 members of higher government politicians who have supported the cause of protecting Citizens from bureaucratic abuse; 1 Democrat MPP and 2 Conservative MPs.
Witnessing the shenanigans of our Ontario court systems gives us a clear indication that the only way to defeat the lunacy of funding government by stealing equity from innocent property owners is through political activity! Certainly doing nothing hasn't helped!
It's imperative that politicians and their political parties fully understand that their window of authority will be only one term of office if they follow in the footsteps of silent lunacy!

Sunday, 25 November 2018

The William Crapper Award

News Alert Niagara is inaugurating the first ever annual 'William Crapper Award'
The 'William Crapper Award' goes to the most publicly nominated authoritarian government agency for crappy conduct!
Eligibility for this crappy award is any taxpayer funded entity that immorally, illegally  or disrespectfully abuses the Taxpaying Citizen.   
Please send your nominations along with a short example of your nominees crappy conduct to Editor; phaskell38@gmail.com