Friday, 17 August 2018

Niagara's Fight for Truth

Dateline August 16, 2018
Another special meeting of Niagara Regional.
Another special waste of time!

Even with the the special meeting being called for 2:PM on a working day concerned folk filled the gallery only to be treated as a prop for councilors to propagandize.

Acting Chair Kelly Edgar struggled to hold the meeting together in the face of disrespect and grandstanding leaving the greater part of the open council meeting being described by one spectator as a 'bozo eruption'!

There were councilors spouting veiled support for the miscreants at the center of the 'crises' and other councilors trying to remind council why the special meeting was called in the first place.

Fact: A Government that can't purge itself of Miscreants is a danger to the public. 

Perhaps the highlight moment was delivered by Councilor Heit at the 1:23 mark of the wasted special meeting pointing out the fact that no questions could be answered because the collective miscreants with the answers were a 'NO-SHOW'.

Conclusion: This Niagara Regional Council has spent more of their valuable abbreviated time defending their squalid conduct than they have in husbanding the needs of Niagara!

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Niagara's $Million Miscreant

The local newspaper screams out their news that a miscreant who obtained the position of Niagara's CAO through fallacious and dishonest conduct is somehow entitled to a nearly $1 Million buyout.

News Alert Niagara contends that the only way this $Million dollar miscreant can scalp the Niagara Taxpayer of pay-off money is by nefarious means.

CAO Carmen D`Angelo committed a firing offence to obtain the position and therefore should be terminated for cause and without reward for his sordid behavior! 

Obviously the Regions hierarchy and chain of command needs an overhaul to prevent a similar  occurrence.

It's time our politicians worked as hard to husband Niagara Taxpayer's hard earned dollars as they do to reward their miscreant friends!

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Niagara Mediocrity Unacceptable

In an effort to put the best face on a troubling survey, the Niagara Chamber of Commerce says that being in the bottom half of 415 cities surveyed is 'nothing to beat ourselves up over'!

Note to Chamber: Mediocrity is nothing to be particularly proud of either!

Considering everything Niagara has going for it and Niagara has far more than most, we should be ashamed of ourselves with an unacceptable  average of 220th of 415 best places to live.

Could our problem be the character of our elected officials? After all they are the ones in charge of Niagara! Our pompous civic leaders would have us believe that they are in control of Niagara; the framers of our future and pilots of our destiny.

However, those we have elected and hired are the ones who bear total responsibility for Niagara's dismal below average national ratings as to 'best places to live'.

Those we have elected and hired are responsible for changing council meetings from bi-weekly to once every 3 weeks as if they had so little to do on behalf of Niagara!

It is those we have elected and hired that are responsible for placing a curfew of 10:00 pm on council meetings as if mediocrity can be remedied in a 3 hour meeting once every 3 weeks!

Perhaps 3 hour meetings once every 3 weeks would do better if the time was spent on advancing Niagara instead of political in-fighting, back-biting, demagoguery, personal ideology and time consuming illegal and criminal acts. 

Couldn't the $tens of millions of missing tax dollars go a long way to advancing Niagara?

The worst of those we have elected are those that have coveted their political career instead of the welfare of our community.We need the good intentions and exuberance of new blood, which makes the case for term limits.

The depth of Niagara Region's corruption also makes the case for a recall mechanism. Of course that doesn't sit well with career politicians.  

Those we have elected and hired should heed the message from Judge Ramsay to NPCA Board: "NPCA board needs to accept its missteps — or resign and allow others to frame the future"!

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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

A Study in Elected Corruption (Update #6)

This study is the culmination of years of observation and through the effort of many organizations and a small army of dedicated Citizens in the face of absolute secrecy.

If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely then surely the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) epitomizes  corruption of power predicated on the NPCA's opinion that they answer to no one, are accountable to no one according to their stated belief in the Ontario Government act that created their absolute authority. 

Study of the Niagara Peninsula Corruption Authority 
Following Mr. Ed Smith’s pointed presentation at the (45:00 Minute Mark) to the NPCA Board of Directors meeting September 20, 2017 the board members sat in sullen silence without so much as asking Smith a single question.

As an example Smith picked his ‘smallest case’ concerning the overcharge of ($800.00) for a so-called ‘Freedom of Information’ (FOI) request.

Expanding on Mr. Smith’s example we offer some of the outrageous behavior foisted on innocent Niagara Citizens at the hands of the Niagara Peninsula Corruption Authority all with the approval of the NPCA Board of Directors.

'News Alert Niagara' points out the true character of the Niagara Peninsula Corruption Authority! (NPCA)

Starting with some of the Niagara Land Owner Association (NLA) many disturbing stories Synopsis of NPCA Tyranny’.

The above members of the NPCA Board of Directors has authorized some of the most unbelievable attacks on private property and home owners including ‘A Travesty of Justice’, ‘Smoking Gun’ and many more.

Most egregious is the NPCA’s corrupt practice of charging private property owners and even ‘judge shopping’ over so-called environmental transgressions, while ignoring the same transgressions perpetrated by developers and friends. Thundering waters being a most significant example! 

The same NPCA Board Members allowed their staff to promote their ‘Bovine Waste’ of ‘Bio-diversity off-setting’ scheme in a specious effort to destroy The ‘Thundering Waters’ Provincially Significant Wetlands slough forest in favor of development.

1. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS we have ‘wetland designation’ placed on valuable properties for insiders to pick up cheap! 

2. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA claims authority over all home owners yet has no home owner representation on the Citizen Liaison Advisory  committee! 

3. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS we have lost an astonishing amount of our natural environment!

Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA has extortionists on payroll!

4. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS, NPCA employees trespass without notice!

5.  Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS staff demands a $1400/$1800 work permit to have expensive professional soil testing (geotechnical assessment) at a further cost of many $thousands only to have the professional soil test refused!

6. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the required Citizens Liaison Advisory Committee (CLAC) is avoided like the plague because the CLAC Members object to some of the boards directives and because the CLAC members refuse to sign a ‘code of secrecy’ clause as directed by Bruce Timms.

7. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA started holding their monthly board meetings in locations other than their own venue in an attempt to avoid public scrutiny. They even gave false directions to venues in remote locations such as the Port Colborne & District Conservation Gun Club!

8. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA CAO, Carmen D`Angelo physically assaulted a photo journalist and used police to enforce trespass for taking a picture at their public board meeting!

9. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA 2018 budget slashes 29% of workforce watershed and corporate services salaries by $863,889.00.

10. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS there is a $half-million dollar increase in salaries proposed for the CAO/Administration department!

11. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA conduct is the reason they are now battling a worker protective union!

12. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA changed their regular 6:30 pm meeting times to 9:30 am to further eliminate Working Citizens from scrutinizing their activities!

13. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA reduces the Speaker Volume for the public gallery necessitating continued calls to ‘turn up the gallery speakers’!

14. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS we witnessed a near meltdown at the sight of an audio recorder!

15. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS we have captured a recorded NPCA admission of Land Confiscation without Compensation!

16. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS a call from citizens and several MPPs for a forensic audit have been continually stalled!

17. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS we citizens find ourselves under the authority of people who, like their ilk in Pelham, believe they are omnipotent! Now they face the wrath of Citizens and Ontario Members of Parliament Bradley and Forster who are fed up with NPCA Corruption!

18. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA arrogantly called concerned Citizens a 'Special interest group' and "Fringe group of complaining people!

19. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA totally destroyed Mark Barnfield over trumped-up charges even though Barnfield already had permits for non-permanent paint ball facilities, while the cunning NPCA board built a commercial banquet hall in competition with private enterprise. 
Worse they built this competitive commercial banquet hall on a UNESCO World Biosphere Park-Balls Falls!

20. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA want us to believe that their sins of the past are in their past and that they have changed! However they still have innocent Citizens trapped in our judiciary and they have yet to make amends for past conduct!

21. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA has been funding their NPCA Foundation with the money they 
Legally Stole in court action from Niagara's private Citizens!

22. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA executive was allowed to bring an expensive, improper and losing lawsuit against private Citizen whistle blower, Major Ed Smith. Message from Judge Ramsay to NPCA Board: NPCA board needs to accept its missteps — or resign and allow others to frame the future!

23. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS foul mouthed lying bully member of the board is allowed to disparage our judiciary simply because the NPCA lost their illegitimate lawsuit against a private citizen!

24. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA has wasted $Half a Million Dollars on persecution of Niagara Citizens, its own employees and innocent property owners!

25. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA wasted another 
$50,000 tax dollars on the best flattering report money could buy! 

26. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS 'News Alert Niagara' has been accused of having a number of untrue statements in this article 'A Study in Corruption'! 

27. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA refuses to address the alleged 'untrue statements(with the exception of The CAO diatribe) even when asked several times to do so!

28. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the executive is allowed to decide who addresses the Board! 

29. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA is allowed to lie to our municipalities!

30. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the NPCA has blamed their conduct on the Ontario Liberal Government! 

31. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the executive of the NPCA has caused a negative December 8, 2017 Brief to Premier and Minsters on the NPCA!

32. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the executive of the NPCA is allowed to lie and mislead our municipal governments and to Niagara Citizens!

33. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the executive of the NPCA is allowed to bully Media at Niagara Regional Council!

34. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the executive of the NPCA was allowed to make Mr. Smith and Family wait until the last minute of December 27, 2017 to NOT inform Smith and Family that the appeal was moot! 
Merry Christmas!

35. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS Former CAO D'Angelo and former Chair Bruce Timms have succeeded in ripping-off the City of Hamilton in their provincially supported empire building!

36. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS property rights of Citizens have and are being severely trampled on with the approval of elected government!

37. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS Citizens are forced to pay for a non-refundable building permit BEFORE the Citizen is allowed to present their case to the NPCA Board of Directors! 

38. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS The NPCA looked the other way when Mount Carcinogen was Born!

 39. Under the direction of the NPCA board of DIRECTORS the slap suit cost created by former NPCA CAO Carmen D 'Angelo will be born by the hapless taxpayer!

40. Under the direction of the NPCA the board of DIRECTORS the NPCA is allowed to dishonor contracts!
41. Under the direction of the NPCA the board of DIRECTORS the NPCA allowed their newly formed propaganda team to mislead the Taxpayer with half-truths and lies!

42. Under the direction of the NPCA the board of DIRECTORS the NPCA allowed their Chair to lie to our Municipalities on their behalf!

 Under the direction of the NPCA the board of DIRECTORS the NPCA attack innocent home owners as in 'An Extraordinarily Disgusting Story'

44. Under the direction of the NPCA the board of DIRECTORS their sordid CAO Carman D`Angelo was boosted beyond his ability to contaminate the CAO position of our Niagara Regional Government!

45. Under the direction of the NPCA the board of DIRECTORS can possibly be excused for their silence given that their inappropriate oath and their non-disclosure contact to this dodgy secret society is overly onerous as can be witnessed at the 5:00 Minute Mark of their swearing in ceremonyPlease note the absence of mention regarding conservation of our environment or to the society that pays their freight!  
Never in the history of Canada have so many been deceived by so few!


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Our present system breeds corruption. We need to be able to hold all politicians accountable for their actions, by way of suing them personally, of their own money. It would not stop all corruption, but at least it would drop the level of corruption we are witnessing in today's society. The democracy we have right now has no deterrent built into the system to stop corruption. If we sue a politician, it costs us tens of thousands of dollars to hire a lawyer. It costs the politician nothing, he gets to use our tax dollars to pay for his lawyer. If we win, the monies we receive comes from the taxpayers too. If we lose, we must pay the politicians legal fees too. No wonder few people sue these days, it's unaffordable for most people and the risk is too high. Our inaction gives our politicians a sense of increased power and entitlement to continue with 'their ways'. I believe this is why corruption has reached an all time high. Your thoughts?

1 comment:

In the mid 1800's, Sir John Dalberg-Acton, 8th Baronet likely said it best "Power Corrupts and absolute Power Corrupts absolutely....." and to this day, nothing has changed. I find that all Conservation Authorities have too much power not just the NPCA - just some are a little more dishonest than others...Dick Brady

Dixon Illinois,USA vs Niagara Ontario, Canada

In a race for the leadership in corruption, Niagara appears to be beating Dixon.

A very enlightening 'documentary on corruption' in the town of Dixon, Illinois, President Reagan's home town, tells a story of missing $millions and Dixon's eventual solution.

News Alert Niagara is telling a story of missing $millions and Niagara's inability to find a solution. 

In Dixon one clerk was able to steal 53 $million but at least the police could follow the money.

In Niagara we have multiple thieves with the ability to hide their theft, blur their tracks and even destroy the tell-tale records so efficiently that a years long police investigation into our missing $millions have yet to turn up anything!

News Alert Niagara declares Niagara to be the winner in the race for the leadership in corruption.

Friday, 3 August 2018

A Study in Political Degradation: NIAGARA

Years of scrutinizing the machinations of the Niagara Regional Government has brought ‘News Alert Niagara’ to the following disturbing interim expose`.

An examination of the July 26, 2018 special meeting held at 4:30 pm is indicative of a municipal government in decline. 

Starting with the very timing of the meeting. CAO Carman D`Angelo used this tactic during his tenure at the Niagara PeninsulaConservation Authority (NPCA). By holding council meetings during working hours reduces the number of citizens observers. This deliberate tactic is not a mistake!

The 4:30 meeting could have been used for the volatile 2 hour in-camera session leaving the regular 6:30 meeting for more Niagara Citizens to witness their sick and feckless behavior!

Several of the 3-dozen sign carrying protesters complained about Councilor Volpatti’s comment that of a population of over 400K ‘is this all you could muster’. Not surprising considering her seconding of foul-mouthed lying bully and NPCA operative, Councilor quirky Quirk’s motion to derail discourse on the Ontario Ombudsman’s report.

Carman D`Angelo came into being as CAO of the Niagara Region by speciously accepting and using confidential information exposing D`Angelo’s true character for what it is! The vote to hire this miscreant was skewed by the NPCA clique steeped in the corruption and conduct of the NPCA.

Councilor and NPCA operative Bruce Timms tried to categorize the Ombudsman’s description of illegal acts and lawlessness as mere ‘Mistakes’.

The Ontario Ombudsman’s report was brought on by a myriad of so-called ‘Mistakes’ like locking Niagara Citizens out of their regional council meeting! Or the ‘Mistake’ of confiscating media equipment without ‘colour of right’! Or the ‘Mistake’ of expelling media from a public council meeting! Or the ‘Mistake’ of spending $95,000 TAXPAYER DOLLARS (without council approval) on a Toronto lawyer for the sole purpose of negatively impacting the Ombudsman’s efforts in a specious effort to protect D`Angelo’s dirty donkey!

The Ombudsman’s did not refer to ‘Mistakes’! The Ombudsman’s report referred to illegalities, lawlessness and criminal acts. Apologies are offered for mistakes! Apologies are inappropriate for illegalities! Apologies are not appropriate for lawlessness and certainly not for criminal activities as in the criminal mischief (Criminal Code 430 (1) of Councilor Annunziata, which is the genesis of $hundreds of thousands in cost to the overburdened Taxpayer and all this gargantuan effort, wasted time and still no investigation!

Now after 8 months these lawless miscreants have never responded to our dialogue requests nor have they returned our stolen property.
The truth is that Chair Caslin’s half-baked apology was made to no one and only made at all because he and his sordid CAO were outed by the Ontario Ombudsman.

Chair Caslin and his sordid CAO didn’t even acknowledge that the victims of their lawless conduct where present in the Council Chamber. 

Neither Chair Caslin or his sordid CAO have contacted their victims or even responded to their victims.

Perhaps Chair Caslin and his sordid CAO could salvage some semblance of their integrity if they would temper their half-baked apology with their resignation.

Monday, 30 July 2018

An Extraordinarily Disgusting Story

What do you do when you have something to say but you don’t know how to say it? What do you do when you are sitting on an extraordinarily disgusting story involving people who you once respected; a story so unbelievably disturbing in scope that it challenges your writing skills? 

Just skimming through the hundreds of pounds of crap pretending to represent justice was and is overwhelming.

We’ll just start at the beginning and see where it goes. We’ll give you the skinny; you can decide for yourself.

If you have questions running deeper than our ‘Skinny’ you can delve into the hundreds of pounds of Mr. Wakulich’s correspondence and transcripts spelling out in minute detail a story more consistent with Victor Hugo’s 1850 judiciary.

This story starts with a typical innocent property owner who got caught up in the green energy hysteria. Like most innocent property owners Mr. Willie Wakulich tried to do the right thing by applying for a City of St. Catharines, Ontario permit to erect his desired solar array on his property; his bank of the Henley Rowing Pond.

Wakulich presented his application for the permit only to have city officials write on his application that a permit was NOT REQUIRED!

Willie proceeded with his solar project not realizing the ‘Permit not required’ was not worth the paper it was/is written on!

Enter: The Marvelous Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR)
The Marvelous MNR argued in court that Wakulich did not own his land and even categorized Mr. Wakulich’s property was ‘NO MAN’s LAND. Wakulich tried to appeal but his appeal was summarily dismissed by the Marvelous Ministry. In the file #CA009-11 the Marvelous Ministry ordered Wakulich to remove all the solar array infrastructure destroying all of Mr. Wakulich’s expensive efforts.

Enter: Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (Corruption Authority)
Poor Wakulich found himself in a Court being attacked by persecuting Lawyer Kennedy acting for the corrupt Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) and facing Kennedy’s hour-long harangue before Justice D.T. Vyse who summarily shut Kennedy down on the basis that the worthless piece of paper clearly stated that NO PERMIT WAS REQUIRED and that an appeal would have little chance for the same reason.

Now you might think that would be the end of the matter. 
You might think so, but you would be wrong!

Persecuting Lawyer Kennedy acting for the corrupt NPCA came after Wakulich again; this time with the preposterous concept that because persecuting lawyer Kennedy lost the NPCA case it meant to Kennedy and the NPCA that any continued effort to finish the solar array was now to be considered new development and subject to a NEW violation for which the totally corrupt NPCA could once again financially attack the dastardly and dangerous criminal property owner Wakulich.

Enter: City of St. Catharines’ amazing Mayor Walter Sendzik
Shaken by this second attack, Wakulich turned to his St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik for help. Mayor Sendzik promised Wakulich help; promised to defend the value and integrity of his city’s permit. Instead this amazing Mayor threw Wakulich under the NPCA bus with his city lawyer spouting the odious line that Wakulich should get a lawyer!

Mayor Sendzik once again turned his back on a constituent. Our amazing Mayor Sendzik also failed to uphold the value and integrity of his City Permit making his City permit no more than a warrant for government abuse.

How’s the story going so far? Has this story not yet informed you of the criminal nature of property owner Wakulich?

It gets worse! It gets lot worse and a whole lot darker!

Enter: The Ontario Judicial System………… Ontario’s Money pit
Ontario Justice Tom Froese refuses to address his alleged participation and personal involvement with the NPCA; the very government entity persecuting innocent property owner Citizen Wakulich in Justice Froese’s courtroom.

This following Justice Brett Kelly’s angry recusal predicated on Kelly's past NPCA participation and involvement while covertly presiding as judge in the NPCA persecution of Mark Barnfield. Starring as persecuting Crown for the corrupt NPCA none other than the alleged extortionist lawyer Mickey Cruickshank. 

Justice Froese took such exception to Wakulich correctly identifying himself as William of the Wakulich Family that he barred Wakulich from participating in his own defense. Justice Froese actually proceeded with a one-sided trial with no cross examination of the Crown’s witnesses. No defense what-so-ever!
Please notice that the cover of the Trial Transcript deceptively  claims ‘DEFENDANT NOT PRESENT’!

The Whole persecution of Mr. Wakulich followed the well-worn path of the corrupt NPCA using tax-payer money to repeatedly appeal their losing cases until their prey is financially exhausted and too broke for legal counsel! That’s when the NPCA send in Victor Hugo’s 'Javert type’ lawyers to use our judiciary to financially destroy innocent property owners!

Persecuting Lawyer Kennedy acting on behalf of the corrupt NPCA exposed the truth of the persecution with his astonishing musings of upcoming fine changes to $50,000 and his plea to the court ‘that the court send a message not only to the defendant, Mr. Wakulich, but to others’; others, as in innocent property owners with enough courage and utter audacity to try to defend themselves against a runaway, totally corrupt and unaccountable government agency.

Wakulich was not entangled in a justice system; Wakulich was trapped in a sordid cabal of contemptible deceivers! 

Should kudos go to the NPCA for their stunning ability to corrupt our judiciary, our Regional Government and municipal politicians while receiving financial favours from developers or should righteous contempt go to our obviously fallible judiciary?

Certainly, the NPCA has displayed an uncanny ability to spread its poison to all levels of Niagara’s government.

Folks: If you have read this far please understand that 'News Alert Niagara' is not equipped to sort out the legalize of our court system or the machinations of our authorities.

Simply juxtapose the above conduct with witnessing courtroom justices handing out sentences of $100 for theft of $17,000.00 worth of power equipment or another for holding a knife to the throat a convenience store clerk on the basis that they are in rehab and unlike property owners they have no financial assets for the persecutors to extort!

To Witness an innocent citizen being humiliated with snide comments from the bench is beyond the pale and must be addressed!

Our efforts are to apply common sense to things that defy common sense. We ask that those more knowledgeable and with more expertise than us to justify the scenario we have presented.