Sunday, 9 December 2018

Letters to the editor by John Currey

I saw George Darte at Mass last night and he avoided me.  A few weeks ago I was talking to him and asked if he did only one thing, to NOT bring the Peterson/McGuinty/Wynne enabler,Bradley, on us.  He gave some answer like he thought Ford would install a Chairman of his liking.

Now the LIBERAL CABAL has been enabled by the votes of our supposedly Conservative Rigby, Darte and our swarms little mayor.

What is next?  Oh yes, the installation of Edgar to replace Bradley.  That makes Edgar a two time loser at the ballot box that will now be working on his second unelected term toward a pension.  But that is better than Trough Bradley now on his fourth.

God help us!

By the way, the Standard and their cub reporter LaFish failed to let us know how the three candidates responded to the question of the City of NIAGARA.  Do you know their stand?

Any of them show a willingness to put 31 regional councillors and a truck load of city politicians out of business?

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