Friday, 7 December 2018

Epiphany at the Region!

Considering Former MPP Bradley's conduct as cabinet minister under the corrupt McGuinty/Wynne government as evidenced by the the total rejection of that opaque government, it is somewhat comforting to have our newly elected Regional Chair Bradley express his intent to bring Transparency and Openness to Niagara Regional Governance.
All three contestants for Regional Chair sang from the same song-sheet regarding their promise for Transparency and Openness.
Throughout the Inaugural Meeting of our new Regional Counsel we witnessed a gregarious level of self-congratulations, braggadocio and self-praise regarding their faith in their new Regional Council's commitment to better governance. 
Throughout all the decades of inaugural pomp and ceremony, hope and promise and faith in future, we must never let our guard down considering and remembering the disappointments of past administrations.
Now that we have Transparency and Openness and for A Better Niagara we must support our Regional Chair and our Regional Council.

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  1. The public has spoken in this last election and the council has dealt with the NPCA board that refused to leave. What must be also noted here is that board members were elected councillor who this time around were defeated. I find it interesting that through the past four years when challenge this group listened but refused to change. They held their ground and the public disagreed with them. Over the course of the four years they had the opportunity to change but refused it. Now when voted out of office still they refuse to accept the will of the people. That very stubbornness is what led to these people being voted out of office. I must conclude that optics presented in their actions leave me wondering if there was more to this story and if this is where this will end.