Friday, 11 November 2016


The Ontario Government(s) have declared war on its citizens!

Evidence of unwarranted conflict is everywhere!

The Ontario Liberal government under Premier Kathleen Wynne continually  schemes of ways to attack citizens; driving them into poverty in an effort to hide their Tax & Waste predilections.
Under Premier Kathleen Wynn's government, municipal governments have morphed into improper conduct (including crime) that has been increasing exponentially. 
Under municipal governments our health care, environment, housing, employment, poverty, education, economy and just about all of our institutions are in jeopardy! Corruption is rife! $100 of millions of taxpayer money stolen! 

Premier Wynne's insane policy regarding electricity is second only to the Liberalista's atrocious environment policy! 

In Niagara the conservation authority  refuses to accept an enlightening audit, to display transparency and to open their books to the taxpayers. Worse, the Regional Government's councilors (11 of which are NPCA board members) shielded their equally corrupt NPCA from accountability.

The NPCA became so jaded that the CAO Carmen D'Angelo* would order his administration's officers not to deliver reports to the Citizen Liaison Committee with media present. Mark Brickelldirector operations immediately sat down and refused to give his report. Yet Mr. DAngelo had no problem sending communications specialist for the NPCA, Micheal Reles (uninvited) to spy on a totally private citizen group meeting! A war over accountability!  

It Gets Worse! Much Worse! 

The NPCA under the CAO, Carmen D'Angelo and Chairman of the Board, Bruce Timms has threatened citizens with a lawyer letter suggesting a slap suit in an effort to hide their conduct!

Click here to read the article by Doug Large on 'Niagara at Large'... 

Click here for opposition MPP's concerns and information regarding the NPCA on CKTB Radio...  

Our problems are definitely political! It's enough that our current crop of shabby politicians know that their days are numbered!

Why would any government agency go to war against the taxpayer that funds them instead of doing the right thing by opening their books ?

*NPCA CAO Carman D'Angelo, A man reputedly fired repeatedly from his previous job and apparently willing to break our criminal code and contravene our constitution.

*NPCA CAO Carman D'Angelo, considered the best the Niagara Regional could find after a months long search for a new CAO!     
Wonderful !!!


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