Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A Close Call for Niagara Taxpayers

Beyond belief! We get'em out of the tyrannical cesspool of Fort Drerie, educate'em in the ways of corruption and then send'em on to some other uninformed and hapless municipality or company to be used and abused by our castoffs!

How Nice!

Who, you might well ask?

Well our greatest success in teaching the ways of corruption has to be our former Chief Administration Officer. You must remember CAO Harry Schlange. He's the guy who perjured himself on his deposition regarding the Fred Bracken Fiasco costing the Niagara Taxpayer $Hundreds of Thousands! He is also the guy who tried to bully local media!

He is now CAO in Brampton where they are diverting $Millions for executive bonuses and attacking the press for reporting it!

Then again, we are also missing many $millions! 

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