Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Dixon Illinois,USA vs Niagara Ontario, Canada

In a race for the leadership in corruption, Niagara appears to be beating Dixon.

A very enlightening 'documentary on corruption' in the town of Dixon, Illinois, President Reagan's home town, tells a story of missing $millions and Dixon's eventual solution.

News Alert Niagara is telling a story of missing $millions and Niagara's inability to find a solution. 

In Dixon one clerk was able to steal 53 $million but at least the police could follow the money.

In Niagara we have multiple thieves with the ability to hide their theft, blur their tracks and even destroy the tell-tale records so efficiently that a years long police investigation into our missing $millions have yet to turn up anything!

News Alert Niagara declares Niagara to be the winner in the race for the leadership in corruption.

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