Sunday, 12 August 2018

Niagara's $Million Miscreant

The local newspaper screams out their news that a miscreant who obtained the position of Niagara's CAO through fallacious and dishonest conduct is somehow entitled to a nearly $1 Million buyout.

News Alert Niagara contends that the only way this $Million dollar miscreant can scalp the Niagara Taxpayer of pay-off money is by nefarious means.

CAO Carmen D`Angelo committed a firing offence to obtain the position and therefore should be terminated for cause and without reward for his sordid behavior! 

Obviously the Regions hierarchy and chain of command needs an overhaul to prevent a similar  occurrence.

It's time our politicians worked as hard to husband Niagara Taxpayer's hard earned dollars as they do to reward their miscreant friends!

1 comment:

  1. Politicians and and Government Staff have a get out of jail free card. It pays good money even if you are caught doing something underhanded. On the other hand you as a citizen do one thing wrong you are tarred and feathered. Just look at some of News Alert Niagara stories about citizens being sued and brought to court losing thousands of dollars. VOTE FOR THE RIGHT PEOPLE RUNNING FOR OFFICE THIS ELECTION. NOTICE WHO WAS FOR A SPECIAL MEETING AND WHO WERE NOT. ALWAYS THE SAME NO'S FOR SURE.