Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Stop Your Abuse

A response from Jeff Bogaerts that must be shared:
Jeff Bogaerts In 1932 at Queens Park, the Legislature began debates to create the Conservation Authority Act..
The flooding of the Grand River was the catalyst.
The first act was passed in 1946. Since then, lobbying by groups such as Conservation Ontario, have expanded the function of CA's far beyond the Legislator's Intent of protecting people and property from flooding.
CA's do not need to own and manage golf courses, ski hills, parks, museums etc. They have nothing to do with flooding.
Provincial Parks and Federal Parks (Rideau Canal) do a fine job. There are Provincial, Federal and Municipal departments that can look after historical sites such as Mill of Kintail. The Mill of Kintail is not the responsibility of Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority or any other CA. The Mill of Kintail Must be Preserved and open to the Public. It must not be the responsibility of MVCA.
Every dollar and hour spent on the Mill is a dollar and hour taken away from protecting people and property from flooding. Spend the time and money exactly where the Legislator's Intent was debated and decided.
The CA's today are Private Clubs. They are trying to duplicate Provincial Parks and are expanding into the Private Sector. Tax from the Public Purse is not to be used to be in competition with Private Golf Courses or Private Ski Hills.
Protect People and Property from Flooding … allow People to Protect Their Private Property from Flooding … once the flood waters are gone … mark the height of the water and build Coastal Engineered Permanent Erosion Control Barriers … not take down the sandbags and wait for the next flood to occur then build the sandbag walls again … Conservation Authorities … Do Your Job … Clean out the rivers, Lakes, Streams, Municipal Drains … build flood control dams (with micro hydro turbines if possible) … Stop Your Abuse ...

Special Thanks to Jeff Bogaerts, President of the Ontario Landowners Association.

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  1. We should consider printing this summary on flyers under some appropriate Heading (such as "conservation Authorities gone astray" or may be some other more relevant Heading) and marshall all the Local Chapters of OLA to distribute these Flyers in their Rural areas through Canada Post. It would cost some but the value of the imparted Public Education would be worth much more than the meagre cost. Respectfully, Kartar