Monday, 16 September 2019

Never in our Wildest Dreams

In 2012 when we started our 'News Alert Niagara' Blog in an effort to develop more timely information articles to our online magazine 'The Mirror online'.
'News Alert Niagara' became so successful that the 'The Mirror online' was discontinued after 10 years of publications. (2006/2017) This milestone is the best for 'News Alert Niagara' since our acceptance into the Online News Association <>
'News Alert Niagara' primarily tracks corruption in its many forms and many sources. The beauty of a blog is the ability to Link into the whirlpool of corruption without the need to rewrite an explanation.
'News Alert Niagara' alerts its readers when any threat of harm is suspected or perceived and we do this without fear or favor.
'News Alert Niagara' always provides the opportunity for anyone and everyone to voice their opinion and/or rebuttal under each and every article (without the need for membership or code) and we are willing and able the be persuaded to make changes in the face of fact.
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 Preston Haskell, Editor

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  1. Preston I want to commend you on news blog,You have been a voice reason and a ex-poser of Government,and Conservation corruption! Please keep up the good fight. Mike