Friday, 14 June 2019

Congratulations to the Niagara Landowners Association

It was and is a great pleasure for 'News Alert Niagara' to follow and report on the decades-long grand effort put forth by the good folks of the Niagara Landowners Association (NLA).
'News Alert Niagara' witnessed a desperate effort to protect NLA Members from unwarranted attacks by the NPCA empire builders on private property owners. 
The NLA members took a stand and for a time stood alone against an completely unaccountable, increasingly extortionary and out-of-control Conservation Authority (CA), which was aided and abetted by all levels of Government and their respective agencies.

The valiant effort of the NLA soon started to attract individuals and other groups to join in the successful dissolution and reformation of the corrupt NPCA and the near wipe-out of the Niagara Regional Council.  
Chamber of the 20% Gang of Niagara Regional Councilors
It's painfully obvious that, at the moment, there is no responsible government to rely on leaving only two alternatives.
One is the political pressure the NLA and many others have successfully brought to bare on elected officials. Political pressure must be sustained to let politicians know that their career will be short if they ignore their electorate. All politics is local!
The other is to be successful in the Canadian judicial system. Stay tuned for exciting news in this regard.


  1. Extremely well done to all who put forth the effort necessary to make these wonderful gains for their Niagara communities, and beyond! You deserve immense gratitude! Thank you so much! (And thank you to 'News Alert Niagara', for giving us a platform to recognize their great work!)

  2. Should we be concerned that Ed Smith is now part of the NPCA? He is Exec. Director of NGO group A Better Niagara, funded by NDP unions who to date, will not disclose their members, donations, spending, etc. Their agenda, like other PGO and NGO's around the world have been in the works for decades.

    Has anyone has read the book "Cloak Of Green" 1995 - Elaine Dewar
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