Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Who brought the HATE?

The problem with aging is that you remember things. You remember what things were like when you were young. You remember when your society was relatively peaceful with people living in relative harmony. You remember when folk lived in their homes not on sidewalks; not in tents or rolled up in snow banks.
Remembering the gentle greatness of your society is surely damaged by the emergence of a tyrannical government that turns on its Citizens; answers to no one and follows subjective and unproven philosophies and in some cases failed philosophies generated by history's most deadly and brutal tyrants.
Recently we are treated with patriotic individuals standing on our streets displaying signs signalling disgust with their government. However, it should be expected predicated on the preponderance of Citizens concerned with the direction our government is taking our country what with terrorism on the rise from the horror faction of newly imported ISIS fighters not to mention the destructive decisions of our tyrannical Prime Minister. 
The Group 'A Better Niagara' bolstered by our Brock Professor David Siegel quite rightly champions the right for a school board trustee to speak her opinion publicly even though that same school board trustee demonstrates in public to silence the free speech of others.
Even our Mayor publicly tries to stymie the free speech of his Councilors as if he has never heard of a minority report! Free speech is our only bulwark against the secrecy that breeds Corruption.
Our tyrant-supporting MP Chris Bittle gets into the mud slinging act with his Facebook comment:
Chris Bittle M.P.
Like This Page · January 2, 2018 ·
 It is shocking to me that in 2018 white supremacists would stand up in public, in St Catharines, to promote their hateful, racist views. It happened, today, in front of our office on Geneva Street.
 A few showed up and if their intent was to intimidate or shame me in some way, it's done the opposite. I will continue to be a voice against hatred in our community. The Prime Minister often says, and I truly believe "we are strong because of our diversity, not in spite of it".
 A big thank you to the Niagara AntiRacism Coalition and Karrie Porter for organizing a counter protest at the last minute. They outnumbered the white supremacists and showed us what Niagara should truly stand for - an inclusive community, free of hate.
Our wanna-be Tyrant PM Justin Trudeau is so far out of step with his Citizens that he considers it normal to castigate anyone who disagrees him by spewing a slew of demeaning names; controlling the media; thwarting the public's right to communicate with each other; penalizing free speech; using Citizens as Tax Fodder and yes importing hate in the form of ISIS Fighters. 
It may be that the memory fails or it may be that we have just not been paying attention but it seems that corruption has overtaken nearly every crook and cranny of officialdom! 
Sadly, it must be pointed out repeatedly that 'Freedom of speech' is ostensibly protected by our 'Charter of Rights'!



  1. I grew up in rural Ontario in the 50's. We roamed at will, in the woods and at the beach (Lake Simcoe) We built forts and dragged old logs to cross the creeks near Parkhill. We were never accosted, never in danger. Hurricanes were the worst thing we thought about, even diving under our school desks didn't bother us, not really believing we would be attacked by Russia. Now, Trudeau has put us all at risk. I fear from my grandchildren and my great grandchildren's futures. It's heartbreaking to see what has been allowed to happen there from the sidelines. I can't imagine how terrible is must be for those that are still there, watching it with their own eyes. It also angers me when others refuse to open their eyes and see what's happening. Toronto seems to be becoming the Calcutta of Canada. I remember Yonge Street...Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in 1957. Going with my parents to watch and hear the Arrow break the sound barrier. Santa Clause parades, and cotton candy and kewpie dolls at the CNE. That was my Ontario.

    1. 😢😢😢😔I know what you mean

  2. I grew up on the Big Sky southern Prairies prior to and during Socialist (Nazi - National Socialists' & Workers' Party of Germany) Adolf Hitler's Tyrannical Terrorist rise to murderous anti-Semitic attempt to rule the world. I spent my school time at home with my parents and siblings in a small town (9,000) ans the entire summer every summer on the small farm (160 acres) of my Grandmother and Uncle. We worked hard haying and stooking sheaves of grain for the thrashing crews to come as I went back home and to school. Grandma paid .75 cents of a box of 100 .22 short cartridges for the farm's Cooey single-shot rifle. It was my job, mainly, to control farm pests (crows., gophers and egg-sucking skunks that got into Gramma's hen house). I chopped fire wood fort everyday use in Gramma's wood-burning kitchen range. It was my duty to catch a big, fat rooster and chop its head off for Sunday dinner to which my family, aunts and uncles and cousins from town every summer weekend. While the rooster roasted in the wood stove Dad and uncles and cousins were taught gun safety and target practised withe old Cooey. Not once did anyone of my generation shoot up a school. We all knew where our chicken dinner came from. It wasn't a crime to live off the land then. I ache for those days in many ways. But I would not give up the comfort of today. I'll take natural gas central heating to stoker coal any day. I love my SUV (with its heated steering wheel) and would never want to go back freezing my butt in a horse-drawn cutter. For all of its romance, the Good Old Days were very harsh for most Canadian people.