Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Waiting Game

Can you believe it? Everyone is waiting for a valid explanation for the $Hundreds of Thousands foisted onto the backs of TAXPAYERS by a gang of municipal officials.

What do we get? 

We get a taxpayer funded 33 Page despicable attack on a private Citizen! We get the CAO spending 45 Minutes of Pelham’s Council meeting, with lawyer Shedden as a prop, railing point by point in his attack on whistle-blower Hummel.
Pelham Authorities say that it is ‘Complete Nonsense’ that “You don’t rock the boat because, all of a sudden, your project will be stalled or your files will get lost” and these same geniuses turn around and prove Mr. Hummel absolutely correct with Pelham’s despicable attack (page 5/37) on a private Citizen whistle-blower.
The CAO spews nonsense that this land was purchased for a higher price than that of a single lot on the market because the Town had to valuate (appraise) the land assuming that each buildable lot was ready for a building permit.

More CAO ‘nonsense’ about the fact that this Taxpayer abuse has actually had the effect of doubling the price of nearby land as in the properties of Mr. Hummel, which is still short $400K of what Pelham paid.

To paraphrase Pelham’s CAO Darren Ottaway’s astonishing claim (14Minute Mark that by paying too much for the property at the time is proving fortuitous now because prices have gone up.

The Following Graph illustrates MR. Hummel’s case regarding the Unexplained 700% mark-up on un-serviced property:
Surely it’s reasonable to conclude that Municipal Authorities who allow a sudden unexplained mark-up of $Hundreds of Thousands (over 700%) are either incompetent or corrupt!  

In its 33 Page despicable attack, the Town of Pelham concludes that the actions and statements of Mr. Hummel to be intentionally designed to question the credibility of the Town of Pelham by making extraordinary claims of ‘potentially’ illegal activities and schemes while providing zero evidence of such activities.

News Flash: Mr. Hummel’s actions and statements are not for the Pelham Authorities to question, attack or waste more taxpayer money on! It’s not for Mr. Hummel as the whistle-blower to prove anything. It’s up to the Pelham to explain the suspicious Land-flipping deal in simple and concise terms.

It would be more appropriate for the Pelham Authorities to exercise their efforts and spend taxpayer hard earned dollars on the things that they are elected and hired to do and that is to explain the mark-up of 700% ($Hundreds of Thousands) on a suspicious Land-flipping deal. 

Notice to Pelham Town Council: Launching an expensive attack on a private Citizen whistle-blower is no substitute for simply explaining who benefited from the over-priced land deal!

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  1. In the timeline from Hummel's slide - ISSUE #2 Questionable Land Purchase, who is "Mamas land" ?