Monday, 18 September 2017

Rally NPCA

Concerned Citizens will be in front of the Ball's Falls Headquarters of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority 8:30 AM Wednesday, September 20, 2017 
Be There or Be Square

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  1. Every board member should not be re-elected in my opinion. All their city councilors , in their municipalities voted for an audit. It appears that the Board of Directors for the NPCA are the only ones not interested in agreeing to an audit. They have all kinds of excuses. For that reason I hope that the whole lot of them are voted off the NPCA Board of Directors in the next election. How can anyone trust those who do not want to be transparent? Are they putting it off hoping the voters forget about it? Come election time I hope the voters memories serve them well. I'm sure News Alert Niagara won't forget. Voters deserve better than what we have now. Transparency is key to democracy!