Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Hidden in secrecy

Just like ‘minimum wage’ has become ‘maximum wage’; ‘freedom of information’ (FOI) has replaced information freely given from an ethical government. 

Worse FOI has become the only way Citizens have to acquire information from unethical authorities that are hell bent on hiding their activities from the very citizens they arrogantly claim they serve!

The tragedy is the fact that took Mr. Ed Smith’s FOI efforts to dig out the unethical abuse of the taxpayer’s hard earned $Dollars.

Inexplicably we have Regional Councilors claiming that this unethical abuse of taxpaying Citizens has been going on even though there are rules being blatantly broken. 

Then why do they sit in abject silence?

What kind of Regional Councilors would knowingly keep unethical behavior hidden from the public?

Watch Mr. Ed Smith’s presentation at the 130 minute mark https://www.youtube.com/embed/PzVHrjiii-k?rel=0&autoplay=1

Obviously it’s not an integrity commissioner we need but an ethics commissioner.

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