Thursday, 21 September 2017

Contempt of Citizens

The revelations spelled out at the Niagara Region Audit Committee are astonishing! 

We are now discovering that our Regional Councilors have been contentedly rubber stamping what many consider to be unacceptable levels of municipal debt. 

Worse is the contemptible attitude of big spender municipalities giving the finger to concerned Citizens! 
It’s totally beyond the pale for the municipal Authorities of the Town of Pelham to hide behind a 330 page obfuscation to justify their contemptible claim that they are a power onto themselves and that they will no longer answer or cooperate. 

Let’s hope that the voter has some say over the situation.

Add to the problem of debt load is the issue of Pelham’s unexplained and outrageous $700,000 mark-up land deal.

Notwithstanding Councilor Tim Rigby’s effort to terminate Councilor Bart Maves’ Rare and excellent clarification of Citizen Rainer Hummel’s valiant whistleblower effort (Starting at the 1:05 minute mark) on a suspicious land deal foisted on the Taxpayers of Pelham and potentially all of Niagara. 

Contempt of the Citizen manifests itself in secrecy, dishonesty and cover-up! 

However those sitting in sullen silence have nothing to brag about!

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  1. My concern is how many Regional Councillors we have who sit in sullen silence. I hope the voters are smarter the next time around and vote for those who will defend the taxpayers money. Between what is talked about in this article and the lost millions re: Burgoyne Bridge we the taxpayers are going to be slammed with higher property taxes to pay for the way our Regional government handles our money. I say ENOUGH live within your means like we all have to!