Thursday, 10 May 2018

Despots Attack FREE SPEECH

There you have it!

Carmen D’Angelo (CAO Niagara Region and former CAO NPCA) wants to shut down free speech! As seen in the Standard story regarding a cabal of suspect politicians making specious demands on media we find D’Angelo demanding that media ‘eliminate anonymous comment postings’! 

What kind of Conservation Agency forces their personnel to sign a ‘non-disclosure clause’ and then threatens and sues them for speaking out. Other than financially harming and even destroying innocent citizens what the hell has a conservation agency to hide that could possibly be of a sensitive nature?

Is this the reason that CAO D’Angelo and his ilk are so concerned that NPCA personnel or any citizen from any situation might have an opportunity to anonymously spill the beans on any scenario?

Perhaps we owe D’Angelo and his ilk our gratitude for definitively demonstrating the political bent of our elected authorities to squelch free speech and public dialogue.

And why not?

When our suspiciously silent politicians are more comfortable sitting on their ass up to their chins in corruption and financial sewage than they are in standing up for their constituents then of course they prefer to control free speech or as D’Angelo puts it “Control Bloggers’.

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  1. Drain the swamp in Canada. Free speech means people are aware and informed. Awareness of need gets us thinking. Thinking leads us to search for wisdom. Wisdom commands ethical thought processes. Concern invokes proper action. = Drain the swamp!

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