Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The Cunning Mr. Litigious

That’s right blame the media

The CAO of the Niagara Regional Government, Carmen D `Angelo known in some circles as the violent Mr. Litigious who tried to cover his theft of media notes and equipment, without color of right, by repeatedly classifying ‘News Alert Niagara’ as merely a BLOG. 

Mr. Litigious earned the title because he threatened Haskell with litigation and violent because he physically assaulted Haskell and made false accusations. 

It is our pleasure to inform the violent Mr. Litigious that ‘News Alert Niagara’ has surpassed Two Hundred and Twenty-Seven Thousand Page-views (227K)  averaging over Fifteen Thousand Page-views (15K) per Article of direct News and Information. 

 It could also be that Mr. Litigious is unaware of decades-long ‘The Mirror online’ , which switched from old fashioned newsprint in 2006.

Mr. Litigious, the Chair and every Regional Councilor knows Media Person Preston Haskell of ‘News Alert Niagara’ and The Mirror online’ yet Mr. Litigious ordered the notes and equipment to be stolen without color of right!

Why couldn't these brainiacs simply remove the notes-recorder from the Chamber as they did with the scarf, hat, coat, cell phone and camera until they could determine the situation

A question arises as to why Mr. Litigious et al didn’t turn the notes-recorder over to the police immediately when the police were summoned and attended? What was Mr. Litigious et al doing with the stolen notes-recorder for several days?

Mr. Litigious et al are hanging their hat on a known liar who said he found the notes-recorder under a hat. Did the Liar notice if the cell-phone was recording? Did the Liar notice if the Camera was recording? 

This disgusting hat lie will be addressed after the Police and Ombudsman reports are released in February, 2018.

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  1. Clearly your journalistic writings, which include articles that help keep agencies and their members in the spotlight is bothersome to them/Mr. Litigious. Hmmm, wonder why.

    Keep up the AWESOME journalism.

    One day 'they' will step out of their caves and realize there is a modern world, where people, including the media, have rights. Those Rights are not to be sacrificed in the name of collusion.