Thursday, 18 January 2018

Submitted by Liz Marshall.

Dear Editor
Recently, a person concerned with the Samsung-Korean Consortium interference with our electricity grid, pricing and placement of projects, sent me a document that had been found on PC MPP Vic Fedeli's web-site.  

This document is a "Treasury Board/Management Board of Cabinet Request Assessment Note" dated March 26, 2013 and is of major importance to the people of Ontario, particularly when it involves the cost/price of electricity and the continuance of energy projects.   

It would seem, that obligations under the contract between Samsung-Korean Consortium (KC) with the province of Ontario, were not met. 

Quote - "KC … has since missed key commitments in the GEIA ….  This triggers the province's ability to terminate the GEIA, without penalty, through existing termination clauses….Currently, KC is in default of the terms of the existing GEIA. (Green Energy Investment Agreement) "

Had the province not re-negotiated this agreement it could have potentially saved Ontarians a minimum of $5.2 Billion dollars over 20 years.

With the cost of electricity going through the roof; subsidies being paid; KC being in default; and there would be NO PENALTY to cancel the agreement,  why didn't the people of Ontario know about all of this?  The NDP, the PC and the Liberal Parties knew, …so why didn't we? 

The document continues with:  "The Ministry notes generation from phases 3, 4 and 5 is not required given the Provinces surplus situation.  … Ontario is experiencing a surplus of generation..."
Ontario has/had a surplus of energy so why would the province re-negotiate this agreement costing Ontarians even more? 

One final statement from the document.  "…the Ministry indicates KC is likely to commence legal action against Ontario if Ontario attempts to prevent these phases from proceeding.  … Energy has not quantified …, or provided an assessment of the likelihood of losing any lawsuit."

The province renegotiates an agreement with the defaulting party without knowing if the defaulting party 'may or may not sue' and yet the province doesn't even have the information to say whether the defaulting party might win or lose???  It’s a defaulting Party – see first quote?!?

This document has been in the
knowledge/possession of PC MPP Vic Fedeli, and one would presume the PC Executive, since 2013.  This is quite concerning considering there was an election in 2014 and with the contents of this document the opposition parties may have had something to encourage people not to vote Liberal, wouldn't they?  

So why is it that only a select few knew about this?  And finally where is moral compass of all of those who did know – the New-Demo-Progressive-CON-Liberal Party?!?  Shameful when one thinks about it, isn't it? 

Time for real change in Ontario…Time for the Trillium Party of Ontario.

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