Monday, 15 January 2018

Be Carefull What You Wish For...

For all those who demonstrated for a FREE AUDIT of the Niagara Peninsula Corruption Authority your wish has been fulfilled!

You can take comfort in the fact that the Ontario Liberal Government of Premier Wynne has sent in her Auditor General to conduct a 'Value for Money Audit' to sort out your concerns.

 Response from AGO Below

Dear Mr. Haskell,
     Thank you for contacting the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario. As outlined in the Auditor General Act, our Office conducts financial and attest audits, as well as value-for-money audits. When we conduct a value-for-money audit, which is the type of audit being carried out on the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (and was requested by the Public Accounts Committee), the team conducts a review to assess whether the entity is operating with due regard for economy and efficiency, and whether procedures to measure and report on the effectiveness of programs and organizations exist and function properly. More than two-thirds of our Office's work relates to value-for-money (VFM) auditing, culminating in reports that assess how well a given auditee manages and administers its programs or activities. 
     The Auditor General Act (Act) [in subclauses 12(2)(f)(iv) and (v)] identifies the criteria to be considered in a value-for-money audit:

- Money should be spent with due regard for economy.

- Money should be spent with due regard for efficiency.

- Appropriate procedures should be in place to measure and report on the effectiveness of programs. 
     The Act requires that the Auditor General report on any instances he or she may have observed where these three value-for-money criteria have not been met. More specific criteria that relate directly to the operations of the particular ministry, program or organization being audited are also developed for each value-for-money audit.
     Should you wish to review the value-for-money audits in our 2017 Annual Report, or any previous reports, please visit our website -
     If you have any questions about these reports, please let me know.
     Once again, we appreciate you taking the time to get in touch with our Office.



Now just what could be the reason that Canada barely placed last in the top ten of LEAST corrupt nation of the world?


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