Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Meet the Misleaders

While Major Ed Smith brought truth, the Niagara Peninsula Corruption Authority (NPCA) espoused  the desecration of the extremely significant 'Thundering Waters Slough Forest'!
These miscreants tried to convince everyone that 'Biodiversity offsetting' could be their specious and misleading solution regarding the destruction of this  Provincially Significant Wetland (PSW). 

It gets worse, far worse! The champion of 'The PSW known as the Thundering Waters Slough Forest' was faced with an ultimatum to 'Shut up or be sued'!

The threat was carried out with the blessing and authority of the NPCA Board of Directors and our corrupt Provincial Government who now expect the citizens to re-elect them!
Even though it has taken years it is heartening to see that many disparate groups have come to the realization that fighting corruption from individual silos can be greatly enhanced be creating an additional common central effort as had been previously suggested.

'News Alert Niagara' with a lot of assistance has been challenging the character of the NPCA for years as can be seen in 'A Study in Corruption' a study compiled in the face of absolute and corrupt secrecy.

Now we find that the empire building NPCA has fired environmental staff in favor of several propagandists reminiscent of war criminal Joseph Goebbels with the ability to place the blame for NPCA legal missteps squarely on the back of their VICTIM!

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