Saturday, 13 January 2018

Machiavellian style corruption

So there you have it! 

Out of left field our Medical Officer of Health for Niagara, Dr. Val Jaeger decides to thank Niagara journalists

Extraordinary on several fronts! 

It is suspect that Dr. Val Jaeger’s January 12, 2018 missive follows Niagara Region’s failed all out attack on local journalists, which was  a squalid attempt by a cabal of Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority sweethearts to have journalists jailed (members of the press in Niagara do not face imprisonment- Dr. Val Jaeger) over an innocent in-camera incident which Regional Councilor Tim Rigby described as unnecessary at council’s 1:33 Minute mark video. 

When ‘News Alert Niagara’ first brought forward blogger Editor Alex Davidoff’s public alarm regarding the deliberate dumping of pollution we were met with abject contempt. The whole sordid story can be followed by CLICKING the top right item of every ‘News Alert Story’ starting from August 22, 2012 or by Clicking Hear.

Dr. Jaeger seems oblivious to the fact that the St. Catharines Standard, The Welland Tribune, Niagara Falls Review and Niagara This Week are now under a single ownership or the fact that this single owner has shut down some of their smaller publications or the fact that this single owner has removed their public comment section below their articles which used to be available to our Citizens.

Comforting is the situation where online news is more responsive and adds comment ability not to mention that it spares the destruction of trees needed for wood pulp to create paper for newsprint.

Instead of our Medical Officer of Health for Niagara, Dr. Val Jaeger trying to paper over the Regional Governments theft of Journalists notes and equipment, without color of right, she could finally answer our August 22, 2012 request which does go to the Health and welfare of our citizens!

Dr. Val Jaeger appears to be a nice person that finds herself tangled up in Niagara Regional Government’s Machiavellian style corruption.
A reporter's job is to report; not to do the governments bidding!

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