Friday, 1 December 2017

The Perils of Secrecy

The news screams out that the much anticipated KPMG audit absolves the Town of Pelham authorities of financial skullduggery. 

Niagara at Large lamented that “There Is No Fiscal Time Bomb in the Town of Pelham … Not Even A Firecracker!” 

Well isn’t that just marvelous! 

The Town of Pelham Citizens, the Citizens of Niagara and the wasted time and effort of the Niagara Regional Government reacting to nothing more than a disturbing situation created by unnecessary secrecy! 

What did come out of another special meeting of council was the revelation that some people $gained enormously through convoluted financial arrangements. 

What didn’t come out was exactly who gained financially, the effects of inordinate spending, spending ramification on property taxes and why if the treasurer is so happy with the situation did she call for an outside KPMG audit? 

Since KPMG is capable of somewhat clarifying the disquieting financial situation surrounding the convoluted purchases of property in a mere 50 minutes, surely the Mayor, the Councilors, the Treasurer and all of the Pelham staff could have  answered alarmed Citizen’s and concerned Regional Councilors questions in less than an astonishing matter of weeks, months and even years! 

Contrary to Pelham’s CAO many suspect KPMG did not conduct a full forensic audit which would have “accounted for exactly who received every dime”.

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