Saturday, 16 December 2017

A Media Roundtable of One!

Predicated on the fact that Preston Haskell of ‘News Alert Niagara’ left his recorder on and recording while using the facilities and the ensuing controversy surrounding council’s tragic reaction, the CAO, Carmen D’ Angelo called for a ‘Media Roundtable’ as some sort of ‘cover my donkey’.

The idea was supposedly to get media feedback on how media should be treated.

So what went wrong?

The first thing that went wrong just happened to be the loss of trust and respect.

The second thing is reluctance by anyone to ‘bail out’ Regional Council’s heavy handed attack on media.

Third is the total and archaic refusal to accept the fact that modern news dissemination is moving more and more online through the likes of Twitter, Blogs and Facebook.

If the Regional Authorities are considering only the mainstream newspapers to be Media as shown by the fact they failed to invite the blogger who was the actual cause of the unfortunate incident that precipitated the need for a ‘Media Roundtable’ is regrettable.

The facts are such that nearly all of Niagara’s mainstream newspapers are now under singleownership and this single owner is closing its smaller papers!

Therefore by not inviting online news you effectively wind up with a single person presenting a common point of view while sitting at a ‘Media Roundtable of One!

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