Sunday, 3 December 2017

Government Suing Citizens? What's new?

Only in Canada, Eh! Not hardly pilgrim! 

The list is growing to the point where the short list has got to be the list of the things going right!

Complain about government skullduggery and you are immediately faced with demeaning ridicule and threats of personal destruction via lawsuits.

Any fool could at least demand that no government agency attack Citizens without informing the fool in charge!  

But there you have it!  

We have fools in charge!  

Doesn't know or care what's going in Blind River!

Doesn't know or care what's going on in Pelham

Doesn't know or care that 3 dozen empire building Conservation Authorities are trampling all over Citizens!

Doesn't know or care that their ideas are so wonderful that they have to be mandated!

Doesn't know or care about the perils of overspending!

...and that is just a sample of what's going on in Ontariario! 

With some notable exceptions our society has been lulled into a concept of political teams where Citizens compete with one another in a mad race to the bottom! It's come down to the fact that there isn't a dime's worth of difference between political parties more interested in themselves and power than the country.

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