Sunday, 17 December 2017

The Major against Corruption

     Accolades where heaped on Major Ed Smith regarding his integrity and strength for his valiant stance against a 'Corrupt Conservation Authority' and an equally 'Corrupt Niagara Regional Council'. 
     Supporters arranged the rally to show their appreciation for Major Smith's gargantuan effort on behalf of Niagara Citizens. Several Speakers echoed similar statements to the delight of guests.
     However Smith in his low key matter of fact style preferred to thank his supporters for their constant backing throughout his years-long ordeal.
     I can only say that it was heart warming to witness Major Smith's show of appreciation for everything his lovely wife has been put through and what she is still going through.
     Remember folks the ordeal is not over. The Conservation Authority has right of appeal until December 27, 2017.

Merry Christmas


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  1. Sir, don’t always believe the press,” Niagara Falls Gale wrote in response to a scathing email from a St. Catharines resident, whose view the councillor believes is “tainted by opinions from self-appointed social media crusaders and from press with negative agendas.” This is a quote in the St.Catharines Standard. Are we suppose to believe what some councilors say. Members of the NPCA has right out and lied as shown at a Port Colborne council meeting and proof of Fort Erie councilor lying to the St. Catharines council at a meeting. The only truth we receive is through the press Mr. Gale show us the proof that the press is lying and then I will believe you. Thanks for trying to take away the right of free press.