Monday, 28 August 2017

Lies by Ommission

The Town of Pelham's Mayor Dave Augustyn brags about the 'small town feel' of Pelham Ontario but he avoids mentioning the big time 'Liberal-Style' debt and escalating taxes' he and his team have been and still is piling on to the backs of 6000 property owners. $Millions on the back of every man, Woman and child of Pelham!

The Town of Pelham's Municipal Authority bans their citizens from audio recording during their public council meetings. That way if things become embarrassing, they can edit or delete their audio and video recording as they have done in the past.

So let's take Clerk Nancy Bozzato's suggest and take a look at the July 24, 2017 Video where Acting Mayor Peter Papp demanded that ANYONE audio recording the council meeting to cease and desist immediately! 

Where Councilor Richard Rybiak told Regional Councilor Brian Baty (Inventor of Darkness) that his calling for a forensic audit made the municipality appear crooked never considering the prospect that the outrageous increase in real estate flipping of over 700% was the actual reason for his municipality to appear crooked. 

It's difficult to make sense of Councilor John Durley's passionate rant except to object to his pointing to their 335 page obfuscation as an explanation of a $700% possible criminal activity.

Then here is Councilor Gary Accursi arrogantly lamenting the fact that the Regional Government would even consider allowing mere citizens to present their concerns regarding the unexplained  $700% mark up of property prices costing taxpayers unnecessary expense. 

Above all we have Councilor Catharine King saying that anyone who objects to how Pelham is governed should pay attention to the accolades handed down from the Ontario Liberal government; perhaps not realizing that the Ontario Liberals are running the largest sub-national debt in the civilized world!

That brings us to the conduct of Pelham Mayor David Augustyn during his special meeting of April 25, 2016 regarding the $36 Million Community Center.

There are two versions of the video depicting the Pelham Council Meeting.

There is an unedited version clearly illustrating what went on in the council chamber and an edited version that was provided to the Integrity Commissioner.

By the Mayor providing only the edited version of the video he denied the integrity Commissioner the complete picture of the situation. How does that square with the lofty goals of ‘Respect, Truth, Honesty and Integrity.’*

Following is a minute by minute guide of the video lead-up to the start of Pelham Council:

April 25, 2016

Special Pelham Meeting Re; over-budget Community Center

Minute Mark of unedited full version of video:

4:30     Mayor Augustyn Enters Council chamber

4:53     Clerk intercepts Mayor in Corner for chat

4:57     Petrowski appears heading for his designated seat

5:12     Petrowski sitting in his pre-arranged presenter seat

6:15     Clerk approaching Petrowski

7:18     Clerk tells Petrowski to give Curt Harley’s presentation in point form only

7:46     Mayor intercepts clerk in corner for further chat

8:59     Photographer enters asks and gets location of Petrowski

9:25     Photographer takes pictures of Petrowski then exits the scene

11:05    Police officer enters

12:01    Clerk holds Agenda for Mayor to write changes to agenda

12:55  Mayor passes agenda change to Councilor Durley via the Clerk

13:28  Councilor Durley asks Mayor for clarifications

After Gavel:

18:05 Mayor has Durley announce agenda change

19:34 Petrowski Leaves in Disgust calling Mayor’s action Disgusting

Watch Mayor Dave Augustyn reacting to Councillor Peter Papp`s suggested amendment to this project. 2:26:25 minute mark, and then lose his temper at 2:28:35 when a taxpayer speaks out.

The Mayor even improperly removed his outburst from his edited version of the Video

How does editing square with ‘Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?’*

Pelham's Citizens are still looking for simple answers to the Mayor Augustyn's outrageously suspicious land deals

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  1. The big blue elephant continues to stand in the Pelham council chambers; until the $700% mark up on the property they bought is explained by Mayor Augustyn. The people of Pelham have a right to know. Erika Furney