Sunday, 20 August 2017

Wind and Rain and Dark of Night

Who are these people to stand in the way of prosperity?

What makes them place their own well-being ahead of those in the money business?

Don’t we have municipal authorities taking care of nature, especially Provincially Significant Wetlands?

Where is the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority? The NPCA chews up $tens of millions annually to protect PSW’s! 

Oh yes, the whole damned mess of our upstanding authorities are conspiring to destroy the last PSW in Niagara and why; because of money and greed! 

The former CAO (Now CAO of the Niagara Region) of the NPCA and his Chair of the NPCA board Regional Councilor, Bruce Timms, even concocted an extraordinary scenario that the huge ‘Thundering Waters’ PSW could be transplanted to another area. All with tacit approval of the NPCA Board and Niagara's Political Authorities.

Niagara Mayor Diodati spun a grand fiction that it was his junket to China that produced the $1.5Billion project. This grand fiction was brought to light by Niagara City Councilor, Carolynn Ioannoni who was immediately censored (Based solely on a friendly lawyer's conjecture) by her so-called stalwart compatriots. 

It gets worse! These sterling public servants have hit one of the leaders of the PSW protectors, Mr. Smith, with a non-legitimate lawsuit in a vain attempt to shut him up. Our valiant Authorities would actually use our courts against those who would dare to do half the transgressions against our environment as that perpetrated by those we have mistakenly elected and/or hired.

But the question still stands; who are these self-declared champions of nature who willingly spend their days and nights in a slough forest in the wind and rain simply to bring public notice to the plight of the last Provincially Significant Wetland in Niagara?

Perhaps the better question is; why would we ever vote for authorities of this questionable character? 

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  1. Bravo to the brave young people, who took it upon themselves, to bring public attention to save this precious wetland. The weather was foul but they stood their ground and remained on site. It gives me hope to know, this generation is about the environment; not greed and money. Erika Furney