Monday, 28 August 2017

Lies, Lies and Damned Lies Wrapped in Corruption

Every once in a long while there comes a person who will not tolerate tyrannical abuse from municipal authorities; authorities lying and cheating citizens and then using our police officers and all-to-willing justices to uphold their specious conduct.

Individuals like Mr. Fred Bracken are willing to put themselves through hell to fight back against unjust officials who arrogantly place themselves above the laws of the land and above the constitutional rights of citizens.

Mr. Bracken has spent years of his life and fortune in his struggle. The authorities that abuse their citizens have cost the taxpayers $Hundreds of thousands to uphold their specious authority, through our courts, to tyrannically dictate their unconstitutional commands and demands over their constituents.  

The Niagara Regional Government spent $hundreds of thousands trying to defend what court call inconsistencies in their evidence. Us mere citizens call the inconsistencies in their sworn depositions nothing but lies and worse; lying in court is called perjury.

And who lied and perjured themselves? None other than the CAO of Niagara Harry Schlange and  Regional Councilor Zimmerman!
 So that's the end of it RIGHT?
This contemptible conduct used against Mr. Fred Bracken has actually become the norm!

Our Court of Appeal pointed to the fact that Superior Court Justice Theresa Maddalena had made several legal errors in her constitutional analysis, and factual mistakes about Mr. Bracken's behavior thus depriving Bracken his constitutional rights.

It must be pointed out that we have several justices who blatantly favor their pay-master over the citizen. 

By simply asking a pertinent question you can elicit a warning for you to be trespassed and its common for you to be threatened with police action as in many recent cases including the Niagara Regional Health Authorities!

It has become apparent that the electorate has no control over the overabundance and overlapping, autonomous and tyrannical agencies and commissions. 
Therefore the Citizens only hope of getting a grip on the questionable and unaccountable entities is to pay attention to their political masters.


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  1. It's not only happening in Niagara. Winnipeg is a cesspool of incompetence and corruption. Developers are in bed with city council. The city is coercing homeowners of older homes to sell by making their lives a living hell. Lying to constituents who request information, then accusing these same people of building against the bylaw. Then threatening them with high penalties which they attach to your tax bill. Which means you have to pay it or they take your house. But developers are allowed to damage your property and the city says it's a civil matter even though the city issued them a permit to build. For instance: I wanted to extend my house 5 feet in the front, they said it was "injurious" to an abandoned house slated to be demolished (and the city was aware of that),because these fictitious people would be looking at a 10 foot wall. Then they allowed the developer who owns that very property next door to extend his house 30 feet beyond my house, and they collapsed my sidewalk by digging under my property. They get a huge monetary return on a new house but on my old home they just get the same old taxes they always have. So they don't mind throwing me under the bus.