Friday, 10 March 2017

Welland in Cahoots with Corrupt NPCA

The headlines read: No support for NPCA motion from Welland 

Mayor Campion says:“You really don’t have to have a whole bunch of expertise on the board, but you need to have an awful lot of expertise on the staff side.

How about the executive side Mayor Campion?

You know! That's the Corrupt Niagara Peninsula Conservation  Authority executive that you and your Regime work hand-in-hand with to hurt and deceive the citizens of Welland.

Mr. Mayor, you and your regime have repeatedly sided against Welland Citizens, against the environment and against the health and welfare of Welland's children.

Mr. Mayor, Do you really believe that your Constituents are unable to understand the attacks on Citizens by the NPCA and your regime such as the 'money and land grab'  or the sordid attempt to eliminate the Coyle Creek Provincially Significant Wetland in favour of a developer?

  Question Mr. Mayor, how do you justify 'Mount Carcinogen' with its millions of tons of poisons right inside your Welland urban boundary and leaching into the Welland River? 

Mayor Campion, you and your regime might believe that your activities involving collusion with the Corrupt NPCA are going unnoticed but you might be wrong.



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