Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Libtards at Work

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Ernie Hardeman questioned the Premier about the high hydro costs facing business in Oxford County. He used Vuteq in Woodstock as an example. 

“Vuteq, one of the largest employers in my riding, said that on a single bill the charge for the electricity they used was about $38,000, but when you add on this government’s global adjustment and other charges the final monthly bill was $385,000. 

Can the Premier explain why this major employer is paying more than $350,000 or 90% of their bill for extra charges?” 

Hardeman says no explanation was provided by the Premier or the Ministry of Energy. He says the recent announcement from the Liberals to reduce Hydro costs by 25 percent will not help companies like Vuteq. 

“In the past few months it has been announced that Oxford is losing 1,000 jobs – and this government’s hydro rates for businesses are putting more at risk and yet the government’s hydro announcement does nothing to help the major businesses we have left, like Vuteq.” 

Craig Cadman Absolutely ridiculous! Iowa is offering companies to move from Canada with guaranteed $0.04 per kW/hr, same with South Carolina. The city of Buffalo is so confident they can get companies to move that they have set up a permanent office in Ontario to help with the transition. How many more jobs is the Liberal government willing to push away? And stop blaming Wynn alone...her cronies are just as much to blame!

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