Saturday, 18 March 2017

Justice Canadian Style

Is there anything worse than sitting through trial after trial witnessing robbers who threatened a female variety store clerk with a knife walk out of the courtroom or a middle aged thief of $17K worth of power tools walk free with a $10 fine or a $1100 bank cheat walk on a promise or a road-rage madman stabs a fellow driver in the head and gets 3 months to be served on weekends?

Yes there is!

These criminal law breakers who claimed drug abuse problems and that they had no money and therefore a jail term would be at the government’s expense!

Enter the case of a property owner who never threatened the life of anyone, never cheated a bank, never burgled power tools and was never a drug addict!

No! He was simply a property owner. As long as you are a property owner you are considered a source of money either in cash or property value. 

Individual property owners are  vulnerable and an easy target for ‘Jevert’ minded government agents to persecute and extort property owners over the very same transgressions against the environment that conservation authorities allow themselves, developers and municipalities. 

The fact is that our current government is rolling back justice over 200 years and they are doing this for only one reason… Desperation for Money!

Their desperation for money has led them to demand a $160,000 fine and 2 years in prison against an innocent couple who never harmed a nearby wetland.

It’s sad to witness our judiciary allowing themselves to be used by corrupt organizations such as Conservation Authorities either in ignorance or worse in complicity.


  1. That is horrible! Was THIS the actual sentence handed down in this case? I hope not.

  2. Here’s how I see it. The province owns 87% of the land mass in Ontario (see Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry site). We continue to lose more land daily to our province’s control, due to new builds, be it condos, subdivisions, expropriation, etc. It appears all 3 ruling parties would like to get 100% control of the land mass in the province. Matters not what government is in power, the other two parties see the advantage of FULL CONTROL.

    I validate my theory by the fact our 3 main parties refuse to acknowledge the Crown Patent which gives owners full rights to their property with some reservations. If there is an argument for the greater good, i.e., Thundering Waters in Niagara Falls the land is suppose to be purchased by our government at fair value market and keep it safe, whatever the reason, for future generations, i.e., use it for a nature park, etc. This action would save our remaining wetlands. Instead we see a developer destroying a psw wetland, with no repercussions. The man living next door who witnessed this event notified Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, Ministry of Natural Resources and the municipality involved. Almost 2 years later he is still waiting to hear what actions will be taken to remedy the destruction of this wetland. Our provincial government came up with a bizarre idea of their own, they call it biodiversity offsetting, to justify allowing a wetland to be destroyed and replicated elsewhere.

    However, when it comes to property owners, wetland becomes the ultimate sin. Our courts are not acknowledging our Crown Patents which gives us rights to our property. Preston Haskell has been covering stories about property owners who get charged for developing on a wetland and about people who attempt to save a wetland, read: News Alert Niagara or Niagara Landowners. You won’t read these stories in our local newspapers; way too politically sensitive. PLEASE PEOPLE WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! If you want to learn more, attend the Niagara Landowners Annual General Meeting, Friday, May 12th at 7 p.m. at Rockway Community Centre and hear our Guest Speakers: Gary McHale and Ed Smith speak to matters of importance to Canadians. Google the two names for more information. Erika Furney

    1. Distressingly, Greg, you are correct -- on all points. I hate to be repetitious, but for the longest time I have said that we (the citizens of Canada) have brought this type of thing upon ourselves. We became indifferent, indolent and ignorant of our political system and, because of that, we let the horse run away with the cart, so to speak. We did not examine the political candidates. We did not question each and every candidate thoroughly. We allowed ourselves to be led down the garden path by those who we "assumed" were honest and trustworthy. We failed to recognize the realities of history that teaches that that is the path to destruction of societies throughout time. We became pawns in a game of power and looting and never once, to my knowledge, demanded an accounting. We took their word that things were fine and if and when we felt something was wrong, we were told (and accepted) the typical political answer that whatever it was that got our attention we were assured that it was "merely a temporary discomfort and will be rectified shortly" Back to sleep we went and ignored the realities that an accounting by these 'public servants' was in order. So now we are where we are and, sadly, it appears that things have gotten out of hand. We forgot that 'public servants' are supposed to 'serve the interests of and protect the interests of' us, those that have allowed them to accrue benefits and privileges not attainable by the average individual. Perhaps, but only perhaps, this could be brought back to what it should be, but that cannot and will not happen without very serious actions by those affected -- the taxpayer.