Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Psychosis in Niagara

Perhaps the 'St. Catharines Standard' articulates a small sense of what is going on with the Niagara Regional Regime.

The Niagara Regime's psychosis goes way beyond Machiavellian style intrigue. Well beyond the
ostracizing of our elected representatives for merely doing their best on behalf of their constituents.

We're not talking about the Niagara Regime's secrecy or contemp for Niagara Citizens.


The trouble in our Regional Regime's paradise has sunk to a scary criminal level complete with crime, criminals and criminal investigations by law enforcement.

It has become so pervasive and so acute that the criminals can't be brought to justice predicated on the Regime's fear that the crooks will sue or worse that the crooks might spill the beans!

So what does our Regional Regime do?

They reward the crooks with a 'Golden Handshake' and sends them on to some other hapless municipal community to continue with their squalid corruption! 

The Niagara Regional Regime owes every Niagara Citizen an apology and furthermore resignations are in order!

Folks, PLEASE do not vote for any one of these elected officials if they refuse to STAND in place and CRY FOUL! 
 PS: Doing nothing and saying nothing is what has brought us to this mess!


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  1. What do you expect with a bunch of Italians controlling the purse strings.