Wednesday, 29 March 2017

How Much Does Corruption Cost YOU???

Niagara Regional Chair Caslin Announces the extraordinary news that Niagara’s ‘doing fabulous'.

Missing among Chair Caslins rosie words was the specter of those 'doing more fabulous' than others!

The Deloitte Canada report regarding Crime, Criminals and Police Investigations indicate that criminal conduct is 'doing fabulous' and has moved from the streets to the very core of our officialdom.
Disturbing is how quickly the Deloitte Canada report has been labeled a witch-hunt. In fact the silence from all levels of government is Deafening! 

You can count on less than the fingers on one hand the number of those we have elected and/or hired that are willing to protect their constituents by speaking against corruption.

$Millions here and $Millions there; pretty soon the hapless Niagara Citizen winds up paying an extra 25% on property taxes etc. for outright theft, extortion, misappropriation and astonishing machinations.

News Alert Niagara may not be the first but we are joining with those who believe that it is absolutely vital for all levels of government and government agencies be held accountable.

Therefore NAN may be the first to call for government and government agencies to be held to the same standards and accountability as Canadian Business and Canadian Citizens. 

Considering the level of corruption it is imperative that government clearly understands that a forensic audit could descend on them at short notice and at any time.

For that same reason the Citizens of Canada need term limits!

And in case the electorate falls for the best liar a 'Recall Mechanism' must be introduced immediately. 

Perhaps your friendly local politician can explain why Canadians are being denied! 


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