Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Great Tax & Spend Brigade

Half a $billion in debt and the Region's Tax and Spend Brigade is determined to keep digging a deeper hole while ignoring the dire straits of its citizens. 

Infrastructure already $1Billion in the red; Prosperity diminishing; Corruption Flourishing; Undue Secrecy; Backroom Deals; Decades long wait for Public Housing; Poverty Soaring; Anemic Growth; Employment Cratering; Youth Exodus; Seniors Neglected; Tens of $Millions Missing; Denying Citizen's Presentations and backing wholesale attacks on property owners.

Is this the way these councilors live their own private lives?

Do they put their own families at risk by financially capitulating to every want and desire?

Would they drive their family so deep in distressful debt that they would jeopardize their children’s physical and financial well being?

Does the overabundance of Regional Councilors save this socialist disorder for over-spending someone else's (their constituent’s) money?

Obviously the days of electing a representative hoping they will properly husband the community on your behalf is over!

When they stay in office too long they morph into something that you would never vote for.

Obviously we must demand ‘Term Limits’ as well as a ‘recall mechanism’.

Failing that we must keep a much closer eye on those we have hired and elected!

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  1. Therefore the need for us to unite and support a political party that has voting reform, (The Referendum and Initiative Process voting system), as a part of their platform.