Saturday, 25 February 2017

Liberal (socialist) Lunatics

Only a Liberal (socialist) Lunatic can reason that sending an electricity bill like the one posted above will not eventually have dire consequences.

History has shown that EVERY societal hierarchy  that has impoverished its Citizens has faced horrendous repercussions.

The more ruthless the impoverishment of Citizens the more horrendous the repercussions. 

Like so many despots before you, you interpret your well calculated effort to enrich your elitist friends as a mistake!

Comparing Ontario's Electricity Rates leads to speculation that your Liberal (socialist) lunatics are corrupt to the core.


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  1. Much like our friends, south of the border, we need to usher in an "Era of Accountability"... Too many years of Liberal corruption has turned Canada into a socialist nightmare. It is imperative, that the next election eradicates as many lefties as possible, from positions of power. Stop the downward spiral, brought on by Liberal globalist traitors!