Thursday, 16 February 2017

Presenter Abuse

You bring your concerns before the Niagara Regional Council (21:00 minute mark) only to be met with arrogance and ignorance.

Your ask is that citizens be informed when something in their neighborhood is about to affect them.

The response is that it is up to the Citizen to monitor any and all 'public meetings' or be uninformed! To monitor any and all 'public meetings' would mean spending an inordinate amount of one's time or all of one's time to stay informed.


The St. Catharines' mayor's response (55:00 minute mark) that private enterprise could build a much taller building on the site was not an answer to Citizen notification and flies in the face of the necessity for private enterprise to post information of upcoming changes to any community. 

What was the necessity of determining whether St. Catharines City Councilor Mike Britton (59:00 minute mark) was raising the same concerns as a Councilor or or a private Citizens?

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  1. l think this is not one situation but of many l think that there is to much government who are over payed for less help we might have start an election of people who will do there best for the region the days of people getting government jobs without the peoples approval must be enrolled into our government system like a sheriff in the states he must be voted in then these people if they are not doing there job can be fired by vote then the will have to account for there actions but we Canadians are to laid back so the answer is do we lose all say in governmental matters or get run over like a heard of Cows .