Saturday, 11 February 2017

High Speed Socialism

'Single Source' is the term Niagara Regional Council applies to dealing with only one business entity excluding all others.

Worse it not only applies to  'Single Source'  but to a 'government run single source business'.

They succeeded in giving $1.4Million to a government run entity that councilors where unaware of. They had to ask the name of the government run business entity which turned out to be Niagara Regional Broadband Network (NRBN)

The FIX was in!

The enlightening exchange between Councilors can be view at the 2.22 minute mark Council Click Here.

Niagara Falls' Mayor's angry response produced a vision of Ontario Hydro in all its glory complete with 182 employees in the $Million Dollar Club and outrageous costs increases for the Citizen.

Every Government run entity the Mayor cited is a prime example of what happens to the Citizen once government run entities gains sole control.

It was alarming to hear a leading political figure rail against providing equal treatment for any business predicated on a stated abhorrence for 'private enterprise'.

Without the private business of Xplornet, rural internet users would be out of luck for high speed internet and yet $Millions can be withheld from this private company (Xplornet) based on some misguided and sordid socialistic predilections.

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