Wednesday, 26 September 2018

TORONTO: Integrity Lost

Only in Canada, EH! Not Hardly!
In Toronto, Ontario, Canada Politics have hit a new low where a political candidate in good standing and even polling third is barred from political debate. Toronto Mayor Candidate Faith Goldy was forcefully remove by police when she rightly attempted to inject herself into the mayoralty debate. Candidate Goldy is a candidate in good standing and has every right to participate in any debate for the position of Toronto Mayor! 
In fact any Candidate for any political position anywhere in Canada has the right to participate in any and all political debates! 

It's shameful for any person or group to decide otherwise! 

Worse! What is the integrity of any candidate that would allow themselves to participate knowing there is a candidate in good standing being banned?

Worse yet! What is the integrity of Toronto Mayor John Tory who just sat there witnessing  this assault on our democracy? A person of character and integrity would immediately leave the the stage in protest of police manhandling a legitimate Candidate that has been shamefully banned from the Canadian Election process!

Message to Toronto Mayor John Tory: "Banning any candidate in good standing negates the legitimacy of the winning candidate"!

It's up to the electorate to decide who should be their elected; not some sordid miscreants lacking in  integrity and/or their equally corrupt cronies.

QUESTION: Can Integrity lost ever be recovered?


  1. Only in Canada can one be refused Freedom of Speech regardless of the Charter of Rights because the establishment can just do it without any consequence. Regardless of Faith Goldy's vision of Toronto, she should be allowed to debate but, the establishment, like Mayor John Tory, or candidate Keesmatt do not want her there because they are afraid of her. Look at the other 3 candidates on the podium, they are a one platform pie in the sky joke. So much for individual rights under Trudeau's quiet dictatorship.

    1. Trudeau is working very hard to remove rights.

  2. It's Johnny "Shortpants" Tory that doesn't want to debate her because she will carve him a new one. He afraid of her..... very very afraid!!

  3. The Trillium Party of Ontario was banned on the Provincial level debates during the last election. Again, another party in good standing. Freedom of speech is a great ‘thought’, but that’s all it is when speech is forbidden.