Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Court of Convenience

Once again our court system is used to abuse!

In the St. Catharines Standard Newspaper we are treated to another lopsided story.

It's not what's written in the story that is disconcerting; it's what is left out.
What's left out is the unprovoked physical attack on a citizen protester who was exercising his legal right to protest in a public place. A thug decided to physically assault the citizen protester ripping the protesters sign away from him and throwing it into traffic.

Of course that started a serious contretemps with the thug getting a punch in the face. It is stated that the citizen protester went too far in continuing the fisticuffs for which he received a sentence of incarceration.
The news story makes no mention of our court of convenience holding the thug accountable for instigating the whole sorry episode!


  1. Yep - this is the turds "Canada..."

  2. Well, the effects of illegal entry into Europe have made their way to Canada. Time for citizens to take control of law enforcement and banish the illegal rulers of evil......new laws need to be created by the people so as to comply with our legal basis and laws. Supreme Court needs to be banished and totally replaced with legally acceptable attornies selected by the legal citizens of Canada as our law dictates. Enough of corruption and attempted ruination of Canada as a Country governed by the people, not the crooks in Cabinet or municipal small time fools.