Friday, 14 September 2018

Niagara's Shameful Ten

It took years to finally crack the code of silence posed by the corrupt machinations of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA).

As things came into focus 'News Alert Niagara' started to compile a dossier titled; 'A study in elected corruption'. We are currently working on update #7.

News Alert Niagara started to pay attention from the first time we were invited to cover the annual general meeting of The Niagara Landowners Association (NLA) held at the Beacon. Speaker after speaker rattled off horror stories of tactics used against property owners by the NPCA.

At first it was somewhat intimidating trying to alert Niagara Citizens as to just what the corrupt NPCA was up to while they hid behind the deceptive misnomer of 'conservation'. We suffered Physical Assault, Criminal Mischief and damaging hack-attacks on our computers.

However, we are pleased to report that other citizen groups, news outlets and individuals are joining the fray.
Until recently the plaintiff cry of thousands of members of Ontario Landowners of Ontario (OLA) fell on deaf political ears of the Provincial Liberal Government. When the President of the Land owners begged for help from the regional regime, the decades-long Councilor George Marshall orchestrated his fellow councilors to throw the Property owners under the NPCA bus. 

Of the many stories that can be found in 'A study in elected corruption', surely the two most disgusting stories are The Willie Wakulich Story closely followed by The Barnfield Story.

Please click on the blue links for more of the story!

The shameful ten pictured above are all NPCA Board Members who sat by in a silent cover-up of the outrageous and despicable conduct of their NPCA either through ignorance, ineptitude or larcenous attitude.

Then there is the seldom mentioned Regional Councilor Dave Barrick who is not a Board member of the NPCA but is on the executive of the NPCA.

Worse, after their glaring failure as overseers of the corrupt NPCA, these same feckless individuals expect us to re-elect them to our Niagara Regional Council, no doubt, predicated on their extraordinary and historic shameful example! 

But, just what is their shameful example? Perhaps they would like to point to their involvement in allowing the NPCA to corrupt our judiciary?

Maybe they could brag about allowing the NPCA to contaminate everything they come in contact with; or their  corrupt financial practices; or their abusive employee relations?
Now after two (2) specious, expensive, and deceptive Machiavellian style cover-ups promoted by the same miscreants designed to throw the public off their scent, we are finally having the Ontario Ombudsman for an investigation we can rely on!

The worst thing these political miscreants should take credit for is the metastasizing of their NPCA corruption to the Niagara Regional Government by foisting their sordid NPCA, CAO Carmen D`Angelo to the CAO position of the Niagara Region, where he immediately started with his sordid shenanigans!  

P.S: Its not a matter of political Right or Left; its a matter of Right or Wrong!

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