Friday, 28 September 2018

Excerpts from NPCA Study

45. Under the direction of the NPCA the board of DIRECTORS the NPCA has received rebuke from none other than Ontario's Attorney General!

46. Under the direction of the NPCA the board of DIRECTORS the NPCA was caught using corrupt hiring practices!

47. Under the direction of the NPCA the board of DIRECTORS the NPCA lost public Trust!

48. Under the direction of the NPCA the board of DIRECTORS the corruption of the NPCA was allowed to metastasize to every level of government and judiciary they come in contact with!

49. Under the direction of the NPCA the board of DIRECTORS the NPCA corruption transformed it from a conservation entity into to a vile and abusive empire building machine!

A special recognition to the Niagara Land Owners Association for the years they have kept this issue before the Niagara Public! 

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  1. The only comment I read from the NPCA was that they agree with the report and has redesigned it's restoration programs. Yea right. They haven't had a board of directors meeting yet and I've heard they are cancelling this Octobers meeting. The board of directors should step up and let the public know what's going on before the election. All is quiet just to get re-elected. Speak up board members. April Jeffs (running for the PC next election) we need a good voice for a MP not a bench sitter. Timms ran the NPCA as chairman till the heat started speak up. All the other board members should speak up it's election time show what your made of. Silence shows us your all in this together and I hope you all do not get another chance to S____w_ us over again.