Thursday, 26 October 2017

Three cheers for MPP Cindy Forster !!!

Bonnie Lysyk (Postmedia File Photo)

Only Cindy Forster MPP went to bat for the Citizen of Niagara. 

Her tenacious efforts have swayed the Ontario Government into ordering a financial audit on the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority. 

 Forster's motion passed unopposed. She said the Liberal and NDP MPPs voted for the motion while the Progressive Conservative members abstained.

Forster said Wednesday she isn't finished with the NPCA. On Monday, she will appear before the provincial committee considering changes to Ontario's Conservation Authorities Act. She intends to propose two amendments to the legislation: one that would give the government the authority to appoint a supervisor to oversee a conservation authority, and one that would prohibit members of municipal councils from being employees of an authority.

The political members on the board of the NPCA sit in abject silence as to the Niagara Citizen's concerns regarding NPCA conduct, even though they have all received the reports emanating from 'News Alert Niagara' culminating in an report on the political value of the NPCA board of Directors.

On election day please let the NPCA Board member know that remaining silent 
when their agency is hurting Citizens is NOT Virtue. It's Corruption!

Many of the same points made in the public accounts committee minutes actually mirror the comments of those that so many people and groups of people have work tirelessly over several years including hours, days, weeks and even months witnessing court trials against innocent Citizens, all an effort to protect themselves from this rogue agency. A prime example is the disgusting story illustrating the squalid details of 'The smoking Gun'.

Although elated at the news that something might finally happen the reign in the conduct of the NPCA, concern is growing over the words financial audit as stated in the Ontario government minutes of the public accounts committee!

Auditing the NPCA's financials as in a 'value for money' audit will not be accepted on its own.

Citizens of Niagara want a full forensic investigation into the conduct of the NPCA. 

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