Saturday, 14 October 2017

Good Enough for the Pelhan Citizens

“The motion is too restrictive, and it is incomplete. I’d compare this motion to an offer to give me a new truck. What at first seems like a great deal becomes less so, when I get a look up close. The truck has no engine, brakes, or wheel. It’s just a new body.” Town of Pelham Councilor Marvin Junkin

Mayor Augustyn and gang still trying to control the demanded forensic audit to suit themselves.

Thankfully Councilor Marvin Junkin bolted from the pack to raise his voice against the efforts of Mayor Augustyn. 

The report ' Says it all!

If Mayor Augustine and gang can't explain an unexplained $700K expense, then perhaps the good folks of Pelham will remember Councilor Junkin at election time as 'worthy of office' and throw the rest of the bums out!