Saturday, 21 October 2017

Capitals of Corruption

There is a war going on and it is a war on Canadian Citizens…

At this time the tyrants in power happen to be Liberal Socialists whose idea of governance is to elevate the ruling class at the expense of the ‘Common Canadian Citizen’.

The news and information clearly indicates that corruption and rot permeates all levels of Canadian governance from top to bottom!

Any attempt of the Citizen to raise their voice against abuse of power is met with sarcastic and demoralizing name calling and specious comments.

From the highest level of government we witness our very rich finance minister looking after himself while his government is pointing to small business citizens as tax-evaders.
 To the lowly and corrupt conservation authorities arrogantly referring to concerned Citizens a 'Special interest group' and "Fringe group of complaining people"!
 In between we have a wholly corrupt provincial den of liars and thieves!

Our police can no longer be relied upon for the truth! 

Our courts are coming under increased scrutiny! 

...and then we are denied recall legislation!!!


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  1. Great post .. I am going to share it on my website and link to this one. We need to all start banding together. If we do not change things are soon we will be a 3rd world state under complete globalist rule before the next election.