Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Get involved or lose it!

Date line: Niagara Regional Government Council Meeting.

Following the ‘standing room only’  council meeting you look in the local ‘newspaper’ to get their take on the important decisions affecting the Citizens of Niagara.

Do you get the paper’s take on council’s attempt to use development charges to gain pennies of financial advantage at the expense of Niagara’s advancement?

Do you find out the St. Catharines Mayor stops an attempt to have a regional scheme to add another level of redundant bureaucracy complete with more employees?

Do you read about the Town of Pelham Citizens  pleading for help regarding a fully independent forensic audit of  Pelham’s excessive debt load but free from any involvement of the Pelham Mayor and Council? 

How about the good news that our new police chief  is getting our police officers out of their police cars and walking the beat!

All you get is a continuing vendetta by a highly acclaimed veteran reporter!
But Hey! You Are lucky! You don't even have to attend the Niagara Regional Council Meetings!
You can curl up in your favorite chair and watch all the council proceedings on Television!
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