Thursday, 20 October 2016

When is a Tax not a Tax ?

ALL and ANY monies removed from a citizen by any level of government is always to be recognized as a Tax.

When your government turns on you it will make decisions predicated on what is good for the government and no longer for what is good for those that hired and elected them.

Because governments face push-back on raising taxes they pass taxes off as fees regardless of fairness to or damage done to the individual Citizen.

Citizens have long accepted the idea of Tax & Spend but we have entered an era of Tax & Waste and even all out corruption!

Governments are turning to the Association Of Municipalities Of Ontario (AMO) to get strategies on cheating their citizens by skimming monies with less push-back.

To cover their inability to properly govern our governments are now taxing RAIN WATER and everything they think they can get away with!

Our governments are even taxing the AIR WE BREATH!  

In 2015, B&B operator was charged $170.54; this year she was told she would have to pay $621.50

Is it reasonable to assume that the Citizen's B&B becomes dangerous to the public every twelve months?

Considering the conduct of our Governments and their willingness to abdicate any sense of decency predicated on self-inflicted dependence on money the only way, short of violence, is to deprive the government of certain 'Fees' or even a full blown tax revolt!   

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