Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Great Pretenders

Pretending that all's going well hasn't been working and it won't be working any time soon!

It's all well and good to put a brave face on a depressing situation but not to the point of deception.

Consider the missing names of commerce and industry that once graced the Chamber of Commerce Roster. The current roster is sadly short if you remove the list of small service enterprises!

We can pretend that we don't have 50% more politicians per capita than any other region in Canada. Worse these same politicians don't want to even talk about anything that just might threaten their individual position! 

While these politicians have been pretending that all's well, OUR major Commerce and Industry have moved away to greener pastures. OUR major Commerce and Industry which were once the source of Niagara's prosperity and the magnet for workers from all over Canada. 

Instead we must place our future hope and trust in a train service for our unemployed to try to find work elsewhere.  

We even pretend that Socialist Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is somehow going to deliver us from evil poverty.

A wise man once said that government is not the solution to our problem but Government is the problem!

Our Socialist Liberal Government (s) are proving beyond all doubt the destructive nature of Socialism. 

We no longer have to point out the devastation socialism has rendered to center of once great American Cities or the squalid destruction of Sovereign Nations.
For the very first time a few brave souls stood out in the rain and cold to make their point.

Property owners who have had their property rights taken from them have decided to inform the public of how Corrupt Municipalities through their equally Corrupt  Conservation Authorities are perpetrating absolute tyranny under the 'Shield of Law' and in the 'Name of Justice'.

Times they are a changin...


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  1. Wynne is destroying Ontario, one rural community at a time, but when the cities suffer, people pay attention! High energy rates and disappearing industries are the result of Wynne's corrupt faux-green agenda. Let's make sure the next election reflects the damage the Liberals have done! Vote for the party that will end the Greed Energy Act. Vote Conservative!