Sunday, 14 August 2016

Abuse of Power “Seven Years of Hell”

You buy a property on which to build your house. But there is a snag! The conservation authority (CA) decides that part of your property is unsafe predicated on a possible hundred year flood!  Even though there are homes on either side of you and safety is not in their mandate... too Bad!
You are forced to turn to the courts to get help. You succeed in getting help. Five judges and several court dates spanning seven years all finding in your favour but to no avail. 

Beaten down, all your money gone the conservation authorities are still appealing like some demonic witch hunters desperately searching for a friendly judge to up-hold their unique empire building efforts enabling the CA to control more and more private property. 

The onus for hauling citizens into court on multiple appeals for their spurious agenda must be burdened personally by the CA decision makers; not by taxpayers!

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  1. They have been learning from the EPA - that is how they work. If anyone fights back, you litigate them into bankruptcy.