Thursday, 11 August 2016

Nano Poison

 Is there anyone that doesn’t accept the fact that the Niagara Peninsula Region of Canada is one of the most beautiful regions in the whole world?

In the coffee table book ‘Portraits of Niagara’ Photographer Preston Haskell asserts that Niagara proffers the longest shot list of any comparable sized area in the world. Hundreds of talented Niagara photographers have repeatedly proven this point.

That being said is it possible that there is a secret down side hidden from the casual observer touring our version of Eden. If there was a hidden downside it would surely be corrected by our civic minded leaders. After all, with 50% more politicians than any other area in Canada and a whole dozen mayors stacking the deck on Niagara Regional Council (12 of 30) all grasping for benefit to support their own parochial bottom line.

Then of course we have 11 Niagara Regional councilors who also sit as board members of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority as squalid guardians to prevent public scrutiny and/or accountability to the citizens.

The matter of toxic pollution in the Niagara Region was first brought to our attention by Mr. Alexander Davidoff who had been desperately attempting to bring the matter of toxic pollution to local authorities for some time. It was Mr. Davidoff who captured, and paid for, the samples which proved to be lethal according to lab tests. These pollutants killed all the Swans living on the Henley Rowing Course!

From that time until now we have been reporting on toxic pollution from toxic leachate flowing into Lake Erie from dump sites in Wainfleet, Ontario to Mount Carcinogen within the urban boundaries of Welland, Ontario.

It took thousands of pictures and 2 presentations to Niagara Regional Council to get our authorities to move their ass on the disgusting dumpsites dotting our pristine landscape!

Without realizing it the Citizens of Niagara have persevered through and is persevering illegal acts, secrecy, treachery, corruption, liars, legal perjury, convicted criminals on our police force, missing money ranging over $100 Million, including missing files needed to recover these $Millions.

Folks, if you don’t like what is going on in Niagara, you might be alarmed with what we are obligated to inform you of, which is the scariest expose` to date. If you have being living under an illusion that you can somehow avoid the effects of dangerous toxins then ask yourself why Niagara already has such abnormally high rates of life threatening illnesses.

So here it is! ‘News Alert Niagara’ has been informed that the City of Thorold and The Region of Niagara has given tentative approval for a company that wants to build an incinerator for municipal and industrial waste on Allanport Road to seek a 8¢ per kilowatt hour, taxpayer-funded subsidy for any energy the incinerator produces. This is the first step to building this polluting incinerator between the communities of Port Robinson and Allanburg.
Our authorities use spurious language such as ‘‘Garbage in – Butterflies out” when in fact it’s ‘Garbage in Toxins’ out! 
Who would deliberately choose food products or fruit based drinks once they become aware that the pristine fruit belt of Niagara has needlessly suffered constant ongoing airborne toxic pollution?

Only two of our regional councilors voted against this poisoning incinerator! One based on being informed and another because of the incinerator proponents and bureaucrats skulking around the system to fool our elected councilors and even avoiding our Waste Management Planning Steering Committee.

Citizens have successfully fought incinerator proposals in several Ontario communities on the basis that toxic emissions, especially the very fine particulate called nano particles, cannot be filtered from the air we breathe! Citizens in Niagara are organizing, to fight this proposal, too. According to the past conduct of our Niagara Authorities it only takes the smell of a few $bucks for them to sell out the health and welfare of its Niagara Citizens, especially our susceptible children.
For more information on the proposed incinerator visit the No Burn Niagara Facebook page,

'News Alert Niagara' and 'The Mirror on line' has been exposing the conduct of Niagara Authorities for decades! We send copies of our articles` directly to those we have elected and hired to no avail. In their contempt for the citizens of Niagara our Niagara Authorities greet egregious public information with stone cold silence.

This article was posted  Thursday, 11 August 2016 and so far no response from those we have elected and hired!

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  1. If the incinerator is built, I will source all my food from outside of the Niagara Region. I will not buy any local meat. I will not buy any local wines. I will not chance my health by consuming nanoparticles. I have read that the nanoparticles will enter through my skin. This means I will be have to remain in my home, like a prisoner, if I build a house on my lot in Port Robinson. I will ask the developer of the incinerator to buy my lot, as he is expropriating it from my enjoyment and use of it.